Friday, April 27, 2018

Our X-factor deserving of such splendour - X

                                                                                                Attribution: 6th grader
Image: A Loving Couple (here)

A play on me and my shadow
Shadowed all for some while
A loving given not at all hollow
Openly and not on the sly

Very clearly shades of contrast
Indicative of gender at birth
Extending affections that outlast
The makes of heavens and earth

Our meals are served on a silver plater
By humans slaving on us for favors
Unhampered we often ask in wonder
Our X-factor deserving of such splendour

Jr Vincente's A to Z Challenge  - X for X factor
Margaret's at Real Toad's  - let's join the children 


  1. Deserving the little x factor sure does find a way.

  2. But they do deserve the food... and soon there will be more rabbits.

  3. Yes.... soon there will be more rabbits :-)

  4. Watching the bunnies this spring at the barn... they are not sly nor shy - and boy will they multiply!