Thursday, April 12, 2018

to appreciate in awe - a Haibun - K

                                                                                   Author Yogendra Joshi
Image: Colorful Kingfisher (here)

                                                                                        Attribution : Eva
Image: Colorful Macaw  (here)

The brilliance of colors, the rainbow
beyond or kingfishers, parrots and
peacocks in flashes of movements.
It begs the question of why some
are more equal than others.

Extended freely to a privileged few
in contrasting fashion the parrot to that
of the crow is of no consequence
in the animal world

However when extended to the human
race it immediately creates differences,
a curse exploited to the fullest.

White and black colors and shades in
between had had their fair share of
creating conflicts through the ages

colors blessed on all
to appreciate in awe but
with downside of pain

(100 words)
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  1. So true - I do find the element of indifference in children - they seem blind to color as well - but how the awful transformation and when ... is a sad mystery.

  2. I like it, Hank. Especially when we talk of colors in regards to animal appreciation. True, most mammals see only two colors, black and white. They have two receptors in their eyes, hence two dimensional. Most humans have three working receptors, hence they see color in a third dimension, giving them access to the color sector of the light spectrum. However, many birds have four receptors, giving them not only sight in the color spectrum, but also ultra violet spectrum as well. FYI, TMI? I'm not sure I used all terms right here but that is the gist. The ultra violet gives the birds assistance in hunting, I am thinking even at night (could be wrong here, been a long time since ...).

    1. This is very educational, Dr Jim. Heard about them having different receptors to us.Thanks for sharing.


  3. Well done, Hank, for fusing three prompts into a colourful and phylosophical haibun - in 100 words, no more, no less!

  4. Wow, wow, wow! This is excellent, Hank!

  5. colors blessed on all - that is so nice K!

  6. Humans sure are a rather sad species, can see it as wonder in birds and other animals, but nope, closed off in ourselves.

  7. This is why I prefer animals. Beautiful, thoughtful poem, Hank.

  8. Fantastic photo's and verse Hank. Well done.


  9. Some are more equal than us
    I hope it makes them happy :)
    As for now, let's enjoy the weekend, Hank!

  10. Wonderful post Hank I love how you have given the colors the leading role.

  11. I like where you’ve explored the rainbow— in the beautiful plumage of the natural world. Your questions and observations about how humans deal with differences is interesting as well.