Friday, April 6, 2018

writing poetry a genre taxing to the mind - G

                                                                                           Author Creative Ignition
Image: Get Moving Empty Mind! (here)

genre - a style or category 
of art, music, or literature

writing poetry a genre taxing to the mind
but if not nurtured well it remains dormant in time
to give it a kick in the butt
is not the way to start
but it requires tact and patience
to set it in motion

time of day is not a problem
it plays even
day or night
any time is right

it helps with a notebook in hand
to jot brilliance in an idea that tends
to erupt at wrong times
so a relaxed and rested mind
is asked for and is relevant
if one is to make a difference

Alex's A to Z Challenge G for - genre


  1. Those ideas sure can pop in day or night and they sure want to take flight.

  2. And you certainly have mastered it.

  3. I can relate to this Hank. Very true words wonderfully expressed.