Monday, April 16, 2018

naturally resistant to change - N

                                                                             Author:  Specialist John L. Beeman
Image:  An MK-46 Torpedo Launch  (here)
('Fun and Games' in Management is very unlike the firing
of torpedoes that can cause damage in the process)

the 11 of 12 given words:
jangled-up (state of being both upset and confused)
archetype (pattern of thought from past experience present in the unconscious)
erupt hellish resist flip
sensualization (n.) (to render sensual)
charity case insincere radical debilitating

jangled-up thoughts that erupt
reminiscent of the archetype
of the old-style of management
can be hellish but still adhered to
by those who are
naturally resistant to change

on the flip-side the sensualization
of managing people cannot be equated
to a charity case
but an acceptance of responsibility
much expected of leadership

the need to be insincere and radical
in approach can be debilitating
to the organisation

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  1. Managment games are no fun, unless played sincerely

    much love...

  2. Most interesting write Hank. Loved the verse.


  3. Sure a need to get to the top and squash the little guy, the games they play.

  4. I don't think I will ever understand office politics which is probably why I will never be rich lol


  5. My first thought was of some odd styles of management I've experienced in my years of being gainfully employed. But multiple readings yielded some really interesting interpretations, especially after taking the picture in consideration. That was a well hidden battleship, worth the effort to find.

    1. Rightly so Rommy! It van be taken as a participant in Management Games or intricacies involved in maanaging people


  6. office politics and administrators - I do NOT have fond memories.

  7. Pretty much a stranger to the corporate world, I'm glad to say!

  8. When people at the center of a game can't be real players, the game can (and often does) become a ruthless horror. And the ones playing with flesh and souls rarely want to give up their positions.