Tuesday, April 10, 2018

To prepare the returns was such a dread - I

                                                                                       Author Cubmundo
Image: An Annual Event of Frustrations (here)

As often been said and echoed by many
There were 2 certainties faced by everyone
Shadow of demise to be with God the Almighty
and shadowed by the taxman which wasn't fun

To prepare the returns itself was such a dread
To ensure it would not later create a nuisance
One must be one step ahead to rid off the threats
Exhaustive even to the honest and the innocents

The helpful and ever willing tax consultants
Waiting to exact exorbitant fees to those crying
With brilliant ideas on allowables to the uninformed
Undoubtedly an attraction to make some savings

What had always been illegal was tax evasion
By playing with definitions they hoped to make gains
Find items to be all lumped under tax avoidance
Hey presto! the taxman was taken at their own game

Not so fast buddy! The taxman was just as brilliant
So you found a way out to make some honest bucks
But you were stifled in your designs in the long run
The taxman tightened the allowables to drain off your luck

Arlee Bird at A toZ Challenge  I for Income Tax
Sanaa's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform


  1. I'm so glad I no longer have to do that! (I am on an Age Pension, and they told me a few years ago that my income is too small to warrant putting in any more tax returns.)

  2. I can never understand why poor and middle income people are taxed so heavily while the rich get all the tax cuts. If they paid their fair share, what a world it would be. But we are a long way from that ever happening.

  3. "Exhaustive even to the honest and the innocents" -- too true!

  4. I wonder whether our world will ever mend its ways?? Excellent write, Hank!

  5. Round and round it goes, each trying to beat the tax man while they come after those who don't have much.

  6. If taxes were used wisely - no waste that would be one thing, but the scamming and cheating and misuse - tragic.

  7. After reading your words Hank I googled and found this (on Wiki):U.S. citizens and residents who realize gross income in excess of a specified amount (adjusted annually for inflation) are required by law to file Federal income tax returns (and pay remaining income taxes if applicable) - as I have wondered on this before.
    The average Joe in the UK is not required to submit returns as they are taxed before net payment, that is unless they are self-employed.
    Any unearned income (pensions and so on) is taxed at source and the IR is honest enough to send you a cheque if you have somehow overpaid - though this may be two years after the event.
    But those self-employed, either in the lower or higher echelons mwho attempt to cheat - then God help them, for the IR can be pretty mean and certainly wont wait two years for you to put it right. (Must add that those not self-employed can cheat also by not declaring a second job where they are paid cash-in-hand,)
    Anna :o]

    1. Appreciate that you went a step further, Anna! In all honesty one feels cheated for having to give up part of our hard-earned money. More glaring when seen in absolute terms eg Pro footballers who still sought tax havens despite being paid millions.It is then a hide and seek game with the taxman. It becomes all the more unfair when not all are caught in their net.It all boils down to elements of conscience, integrity and fairness impacting on everyone that one has to confront annually. Thanks Anna!