Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lest being referred to as bird-brained

                                                                                             Author Thomas Quine
Image: An Intelligent Great Hornbill (here)

How I dream of love at first sight
Don't give me sight without vision
How I dream of fair hearing
Not rumor-mongering that cause dissensions
How I dream of peace not sufferings and destruction
If only the perpetrators taste their own medicine
How I dream of the sweet smell of success
Not ostensibly friends that stab in the back
Where all are winners in contention
How I love of being me, without pretenses
Authentic and genuine with no labels

Mindful though as a given
Not to succumb to threats on my person
I would like to be an independent soul
How I dread of being looked upon as a copy-cat
Trying to act like a different person but lacking in courage
How I dread of failing to achieve simple tasks
But to face life with the touch of class
With big body mass but little working brains
But most of all not to dream like a bird
Lest being referred to as bird-brained

Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif Authenticity


  1. The narrator sounds very authentic to me. I am rather amazed at that bird, with his Elvis pompadour!

  2. Free to be you and me in a fair world.
    Good to see you posting again, Hank!

  3. A wonderful poem Hank, a joy to read. Thanks for sharing.


  4. From this I feel the authenticity of living in the real world with everyday triumphs and failures. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Hi Hank! This sounds perfect--it's pretty hard to maintain a flawless life, an authenticity where it matters how other's see you. I like how this poem suggests that there is a normal person behind the wishes, one who has experienced bullying. I read it like an inner monologue from a moment of reflection and honesty.

  6. Nice Yes the best thing is to be an independent soul. We are always searching balancing the ourselves and still to be accepted.

  7. Terrific poem, Hank. The dreads are very natural, but may the wonderful dreams prevail.

  8. The opening two lines really say so much Hank.

    I am glad to see you posting :)

  9. Being able to be how one wants should be the way, no bird brained about it.

  10. Love this poem, Hank. I truly enjoyed reading it.

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