Thursday, June 9, 2022

fix your gaze to aspire for success

                                                                                              Author: Jannes Pockele
Image:  A Loving Couple (here)

when chips are down breathe easy
fix your gaze to aspire for success 
drawn back a few notches easily
a distraction of confusion and duress

the beast in us that plays the devil
which negates the positive show of efforts   
playful and non-committal are twin evils
in the light of days spent in comfort

success is a function of time and money
twin elements that spell happiness
an epitome of honour that begets glory
planned and implemented to harness
the fruits of labor so desirous to one’s heart
not equitable to attention but the best
tools of the trade and desire are poles apart
resolve stunted by pain of failure nonetheless

Bjorn at d'Verse ; OLN #318-june-live-edition


  1. Fix your gaze to aspire for success - try to focus on something obtainable. If only one could taste a morsel of the desires of the heart.

    Always, wishing you success Hank! I hope you are well?

  2. Much to think about here! I've certainly had my gaze fixed for the last few weeks: now I would like a break!

  3. Can't lose the positive attitude or hope. Sometimes in our quest, it's all we have.

  4. I inserted your blog in my list

  5. I like to aspire for honor and glory. Hope all is well Hank.

  6. You always manage to share great insight and deep messaging with us! Cheers, Hank.

  7. So much to reflect upon and ponder here, Hank!