Tuesday, June 21, 2022

like our friendship that they sought

                                                                                      Author: Alice Donovan Rouse
Image: Walking hand in hand
invites both Admiration and Envy (here)

Memories drifted of those who dare
To times long past to times laid bare
We had the inkling I had her praised
Her image so clear I was amazed

For all that I had felt so right
Seeing every move to what were said,
All basking in the moment's limelight
Worked wonders when eyes grew bright

They were not happy seeing truly
Happiness of a couple exhibited freely
We sat silent she'd not said a word
Triumphant of our friendship that they sought

We then walked silently without a word
Amid suspicious darting eyes of sorts
Envious classmates but we let them be
We passed them by in all dignity

Sanaa at d'Verse Poetics - peer pressure


  1. So many envious of the happiness of a couple. Best to pass them by in all dignity.

  2. Bravo for passing them by in all dignity!

  3. a good take on the prompt. well done.

  4. This is gorgeously rendered, Hank! Wow! I love the smooth progression of the poem and the rhyming is so on point. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt ❤️❤️