Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Act nice and prim

                                                                                        Author: Ronald Saunders
Image:  The Good Times Together Again (here)

All those moments will be lost in time, 
like tears in rain” -Roy Batty, Blade Runner

Get on with it man, do your job
Bring out the big wrench
Hurry with it man you are no flop
You’ve shown your good sense
You’ve been at it for a long while
No muddle no fumble
You’ve been good with your guiles
And don’t stumble.... What?
The cog and wheels’ on the ground
Who could have done that!
With whom did you last have a spat

You have got to be aware
And always be prepared
Rivals can be nasty
They can play dirty
Your efforts may end up in tatters
It will make matters a lot worse

Ok, not to even things
Act nice and prim
All those moments will be lost in time 
like tears in rain
Always seek and procure
Go with the rules and procedure
Like shoes with proper laces
Things will rightly fall in place

For Providence is an equalizer

Laura at d'Verse Poetics - words-of-departure/


  1. I am especially smitten with these words:
    "Like shoes with proper laces
    Things will rightly fall in place"

  2. Ehh. This just annoys me (subject, not poem). It makes me think of a lot of behavioral expectations that are placed on you to look, act, and even feel, speak, and think a certain way and just... uhhh...

  3. Insightful and powerful write Hank — well done my friend!

  4. you found a unique way of threading in the last words Hank but most of all I'm impressed with the rhymes you managed as well as the tempo of the poem which reads so well

  5. I like your rhyming in this, Hank.

  6. Typical married couple, the wife VERY conscious of the acts and looks of her husband. Mrs. Jim always finds the small pinholes in my ever dress, knit golf shirts.

  7. a life of rivalry must be a tiring and dogged life

  8. Love this especially; "Go with the rules and procedure/ like shoes with proper laces/ things will rightly fall in place." Beautifully done.