Saturday, September 18, 2021

tedious to the close of a troubled year

                                                                      Author:  Alan Rickman at Pinterest
Image: Worries and Helplessness (here)

homophone sets are:
accept – welcome
except – leave out, exclude
coarse – rough
course – path, route

tedious to the close of a troubled year 
where many could not accept the varied 
outcomes but to cry among hungry mouths

except for the radiance of the new year
that heralded a discourse of expectations
it gave only a glimmer of hope to some 

course thinking with impending hysteria 
still under wraps social woes on course
casting long shadows behind the scene

amusing oneself with a host of resolutions
and staying alive with strategies of survival
would wear out fast the air of steadfastness 

being alive and kicking is already a blessing

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  1. A troubled year indeed...but offering a smidgen of what it is to be hopeful!

  2. Despite it all ... 'the new year
    that heralded a discourse of expectations'. A nice flash of hope amongst the gloom.

  3. Glad you are alive and kicking my friend! Always a pleasure to see you at the Muse Hank!

  4. I daresay every one of us has been through the mill, each in our own way. Likewise, after all of this, alive and kicking is a good place to be.

  5. Love your last line. In spite of all the troubles going on , life is worth living.

  6. I can feel the weariness of the last year but, one must look forward and keep on keeping on.

  7. I am almost hesitant to make new resolutions ... only to have them horrifically thwarted. However ... on we must go / upward / onward / somehow.

  8. "being alive and kicking is already a blessing" - for sure!!!