Sunday, September 26, 2021

for the love of a friend

                                                                                                              Author: Pixoos
Image:  A Dignified Persian (here)

A cat generally is quite a friend
Just need to stroke below its neck
It'll purr and stretch to no end
It'll  brush your legs or lie on its back

Can accomplish togetherness happily
A walk around with a celebrated kitty

But wait up you got to still clean up
Rightly sieving through the sand
To take it and stomach all the muck
All for the bother and love of a friend

Regular wash necessary to avoid ticks
Clean hygiene ought to be uppermost
Lots of fun then with their playful tricks
Never to regret precious time to play host

Rommy at PSU Writer's Pantry #89: 
Ghost Walk


  1. Oh, how I love this! So absolutely true and delightfully said. As another friend of cats, I see you know very well whereof you speak.

  2. While cats are quite independent and don't have to be walked, there is the matter of the litter box ...................... and in the case of our two cats, they made it quite clear they did not want to whare a litter box, so each has their own!

  3. enjoyed your poem hank. i've always been more of a dog person myself, mostly because of the literbox thing, although i do admire the tenacity of cats

  4. Ah for the love of a friend, we do love our animal friends. I haven't had a cat since I was a teenager. When she died a part of me died.

  5. I've had cats all my life... and cat's often "own" us :)

  6. My first kitty cat ... Snowball! The photo in your wonderful poem looks just like her. She was a joy, and lived to be fifteen.

  7. I am a dog person though I like cats. They seem just a little too independent to me or maybe I'm just a little insecure