Sunday, August 7, 2011

Building a Future

Photo Image: Courtesy of Willow's


Young lovers staking their claims
‘We ain’t prudes here’
We have dreams!

Like running spring waters
Glistening in the dark
A love so pure
Relaying bubbles
Of dreams yet to be realised
No, please do not prick them
My dreams will all have gone asunder
It would have been shattered
Slowly like the fading lights
Of the evening sun
Which has now given way
To the warm darkness
Where palls of smoke
Noticeable but vaguely
Fading before the cold dark nights set in
When I long to be tightly
Snugly in your warm embrace
Never to want to open my eyes again
To an uncertain world
Wrought with carnage
Of smoke black and thick
Of evils that lay its curse on mankind
Leave me alone, world,
I just want to be with my beloved
To just dream away

Inspired by Tess Kincaid's Magpie #77

And also One Single Impression #180 'Dreams'


  1. An uncertain world, indeed, and many of us don't want to open our eyes to it. Very nicely done!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Hank,what beautiful verse. This piece expresses exactly how I feel about life right now. The world is becoming more and more insane. I almost hate watching the news anymore.


  3. There is definitely an aura of cocooning from the world in this painting - something I hadn't really thought about until you showed it so eloquently. Thank you!

  4. i just want to be alone with my beloved and dream...nice, i like that...blow some of those bubbles and watch them fly...smiles.

  5. I think we've all experienced that feeling. Excellent words.

  6. Common experience in common language without sentimentality. Excellent.

  7. Cute poem.

    Thanks for your comment about my limericks. Glad you had a go yourself. over at Madeleine Kane's Blog too.
    My post (link below) has some tips on writing Limericks:

  8. Wonderfully expressed, I recall when I first got married we'd plan out future especially when the children came along. Then it was planning our retirement, after all the hard days working we had everything planned, but I guess one can never take anything for granted my dear one died before he retired. I have tried to fulfill those dreams .......but it's n ot the same.


  9. Lovely, sometimes the dreams are so real if they are nice ones we wish to stay inside them and not wake up.
    Very nice read, thank you.

  10. great read... fantastic expressions and creatively written.
    "Leave me alone, world,
    I just want to be with my beloved
    To just dream away "

    awesome 3 lines :)

  11. I think that you've captured the way a lot of people feel right now!

  12. A sad reality for us all expressed poignantly!

  13. And that was all before the invention of the credit card!!! :-)

  14. I love the ending. It seems like 'heaven' to just be with one's lover and dream away!

  15. Nice! It has a tinge of "Song of Songs" in it. :)

  16. *sigh*
    Your words are so pure and true...
    Very well written...

  17. Lovely words and thoughts. Nice work.


  18. Hank, this was a perfect answer to the prompt. I do understand how it begins in that "don't stop this moment" phase and ends with the grim realities. If only our "bubbles" weren't messed with by the "real world..." Thank you for a moving poem. Amy

  19. oh my! i can perfectly relate to some of the lines.

    i'm loving it! great post!


  20. 'leave me alone world' .... if only! We live in troubled times.

  21. Aw, sweet. It is our 30th anniversary this weekend and I pondered doing something similar. But didn't.

  22. So beautifully written. It reminds of years ago when I said many time to the man who was to become my husband, 'with you I feel safe - with you I feel anything could happen and I know we will make it". Things did happen and we did make it.