Friday, April 9, 2021

Love your everything

                                                                                Author Howard R. Hollem 
Image: A Woman with a Hat (here)

Theme: Art and Colours
H for an Orange Hat 

A toast for the year
Love your nose no offense
Your music and your hat too
Love your everything
It's been a colourful year
Despite the new normal
(140 characters)

Note: A Micro-Fiction of 140 characters

A to Z April Challenge -  H
Grace at d'Verse MTB  - the body and Poetry



  1. It sure has been a colourful year Hank.


  2. A colorful year indeed! Cheers!

  3. Very cool Hank. I just read the A to Z thing — interesting.

  4. Well said!

    Here from A to Z. Visit me at where our theme is Down syndrome in the media.

  5. I am trying to recall whether I discovered your blog via dVerse or via the A2Z a while ago already.. But anyways, I always know it is delightful to visit here... and I found a hat in the process..
    Truly a memorable year ..
    The Harlem Renaissance: Its Poets and Poems

  6. Gorgeously rendered, Hank!!💝💝