Friday, July 8, 2011

The Minder

Photo Image: Courtesy of Bonnie's Original Art Studio

Watchful Eyes

Fluffy white and piercing eyes
Surveying the horizon
Ever watchful and ever alert
For the welfare of a young maiden

What's new pussycat?
Ever protective of your ward
A budding ballerina
Meant for fame
A charming Primadonna
In the making
Vying for a name

You are larger than life
You look pretty smart
You'll survive
Any impending assault

Its a tall order
For a minder!

Inspired by Friday Politically with Brian


  1. Excellently written , loved it . Thanks for sharing.


  2. being married to one, i am rather fond of ballerina...glad the cat is there for protection...we could all use protectors thus...

  3. If only we all had 'minders'. Love the meaning you pulled from my image!

  4. a cat as a minder ...maybe good for a ballerina although I find them quite scary, lovely write thank you for sharing

  5. Well composed piece, wonderful rhyme flow. ~ Rose

  6. "what's new pussycat" chuckle
    That cat does indeed look large enough to take on just about anything.