Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alone Among Many

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Thursday Think Tank


The pangs of hunger
Tugging at his waistlines
The Sun’s piercing rays
Bathing the pate of tufts
Of whatever is left

At other times
After cold showers
Rivulets running down his sides
He is overwhelmed
He blinked an eye
Turned over
Just wetness around
Somehow he managed
The pavement is cool most nights
But the day’s warmth still remain

His next meal
Is still a big question
His mind is alert
But remains blank
What of it?

No one to care
No one to hug
No one cares

Just homeless
Just loneliness for a friend

Forever faithful
Forever by his side!

Inspired by Thursday Think Tank #57


  1. Kaykuala,

    I got the image of loneliness and sadness in full, from your words.
    It's all said really in this line.....
    ....''Just loneliness for a friend'......


  2. For loneliness to be one's only constant companion? Heart wrenching!

  3. homelessness...typical or emotional...either pull my heart strings honestly...heavy...well writ...

  4. You definitely have captured the spirit of loneliness hedfre. Poignant words.

  5. I can relate to that, I went through a stage of utter lonliness years ago after I became a widow, but now have a full life. I have seen many people on the streets in that situation but one never know that people you pass by at the shops can be very lonely people.
    Good post and a message from it we should all heed.

  6. Fantastically written and well crafted..
    Looking forward to new posts..


  7. Just want to add....I think this is something most of us have..."the loneliness for a friend." Also, sorry about my misspelling above. Sigh.

  8. Well Done; you captured the vacant soulful feeling!

  9. you have a ''aha'' poems and I love to follow each of your posts.Fantastic words and truly makes me jealous. I hope my vocabulary and grammar will be fabulous such as you, one day.Are you born with English environment?

  10. Really well thought out. A great deal to enjoy and to which to say Amen.

  11. Hank, good heavens, this is really sad. I would say it fits many lives. Well done.


    btw thanks for the very nice comments on my blog. I have been ill with the flu for 6 days. The reason I am late reading and commenting.