Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life's A Bed Of Roses?

Picture Image: Courtesy of Theme Thursday

Not Quite!

It whirled around
At a speed most pleasant
Accompanied with squeals of laughter
Of riders young and old
The age-old carousel

Round and round it goes
Not quite the Magic Mountain
And not quite as innocent
But at the end of the ride
Life's troubles are presumed resolved
Not quite!

Do not be fooled
As everything's else after a pleasant journey
Lulled into make-belief harmony
One gets disoriented
Life's like that

It comes with a headache.

Inspired by Theme Thursday


  1. I enjoyed this, a wonderful read.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love how you compared it to life.

  3. ha yes it does come with a few along the way..esp when it spins so fast...

  4. I sure does come with a headache! *smile* Well done!

  5. "Life's troubles are presumed resolved
    Not quite!"
    If we are looking for resolution we are looking forward to being dead, I think.
    Loved the fun in 'Babe and Dude'!