Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Your Feet

Shoes Galore

Dancing shoes on dainty feet

Strutting their stuff as up-coming starlets

Hoping to make it real big

Of glamour names in neon lights

Some dirty all over with mud smeared

Scoring such brilliant goals on soccer grounds

Made in China under licence never you mind

Of Ronaldos, Messis and Beckhams beckon

Wild West legends with sharp stirrups

Guns blazing on black and white stallions

Bunched as bad guys or as law keepers

They died with their boots on

Following the icon the late Princess Di

The chosen few with Jimmy Choo’s

Placed on a pedestal with respectability

The common and unheralded shoes

Inspired by Open LinkNights

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  1. "The chosen few with Jimmy Choo’s."

    That is very cool!

  2. A wonderful verse thast I was proud to read.


  3. Lots of shoes (or verses) to like here ~

  4. smiles. you give us the tour de force of the shoe world with some nice societal references as well...as long as they are comfortable i am cool...smiles.

  5. haha this was a fun read. Defintely shoed me away to shores filled with shoes and tons of reference to boot..haha

  6. Greaty response to the prompt, but what is it about shoes? Most folk seem not to care too much for feet, but think shoes fascinating. This was fun, thoroughly enjoyed, but time we heard it for the feet! (Maybe I should.... )

  7. cool to read about different styles of shoes and those who wore them. very creative!