Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How he loved the sounds!

                                                                                         Author: Matt MacGillivray
Image: How they Swooped in!  (here)

How he loved the sounds
Never had he felt so excited
It was all by accident
It only happened
barely a week ago
Now he is here
Practically every waking hour
Sometimes three times in a day

They craved for him
The familiar engine sound
Of his old jalopy was enough
They swooped, they shrieked
To readily indicate their welcome

Seagulls have that uncanny
ability to recognize car sounds
And like Pavlov’s canine came
back again knowing
there was bread for the picking

He had profusely thanked
the bread-vendor
One who let it be known
of this secret rendezvous
when he had only desired
for a loaf of bread

Yes, that was barely a week ago
He had not looked back since

Merrildsmith at d'Verse': Poetics: want to know a secret?


  1. He's enjoying feeding the gulls - and they like being fed.

  2. I can feel his delight! Thank you for participating.

  3. Somehow this feels like the story of very lonely person... but finding delight in the company of birds is better than nothing.

  4. Just enjoying and finding some delight in it is a win.

  5. I like how those seagulls recognize the sound of the jalopy.

  6. There is a certain charm to the squeaking cry of the gulls. I remember when my dad used to take us down to the channel to feed the ducks popcorn and their quacking was a gentle pleasant sound.

  7. Many people have a fear of seagulls, but your character has such an affinity with them. I like them too!

  8. Living closeby to the beach the gulls are a frequent sounds.
    Your poem summed it up perfectly Hank.