Sunday, January 26, 2020

The strongest can then claim victory

                                                                                                  Author Charles J Sharp 
Image: The Leader Always on Alert (here)

bravo to the dominant male
the individual is a level above
not just the survival of the fittest
but much more being asked
it allows access to food and harem
the submissive ones eventually
disappear into oblivion

energy and vitality level at their zenith
bravery and sacrifice are not just buzz words
not lackadaisical none as a sloth do exist
and not a fickle attitude
against a contender without pity
but physically pitting strength and brawn
the strongest can then claim victory

the dominant male is still insisting
but now more of a show-off flaunting good looks
wealth or unwittingly their deficiencies
wanting to be in the limelight
revving a red Lamborghini incessantly
in rude efforts of success and foresight

those with nothing to show
are found at street corners combing
their Elvis hairstyle in fake attraction
the 'fighter syndrome' is kept alive though
with mild forms of territorial markings
where trees mailboxes and lampposts
continue to be fair game
'communicating' to other canines
their immediate sexual availability
and of their boundary confines

admittedly male ego can never be bruised!

Magaly's at Poets and Storytellers United pantry #4


  1. Submissiveness has a way of making most souls sink into the pits of oblivion.

  2. Haven't you heard about the sneaky f*ckers.. the low status males who get to do it while the alpha-guys fight... ;-)

  3. Wild animal rules, humans and domesticated have civility rules for both the sexes. We see evidence everyday of those out of bounds bully their way "upward" in ISIS style (destroy works of those before and those in categories they hate--woe be the one who fits both), their harem of followers latching on to what they can glean.

  4. Sure one big go around and around and around as the sheep follow until they don't, egos aplenty.

  5. The game of dominance and the ones in submission. Oh don't you love the ones who are different, the rebels

  6. Those dominant males must miss out in a lot, having to spend so much time protecting their positions!

  7. You went in an interesting direction with this one, Hank. Dominance and submission … an epic theme, if ever there was one … as it seems to be the way-of-it with all life.

  8. That Lamborghini being revved is a perfect image!

  9. Dominance...Seems so many want to be alpha

  10. A great argument for "humility".

  11. The games people...(loosely interpreted) play. Everybody likes to be on top. Lol! I was looking for new places to write and found your list of prompts very promising. Thank you, Hank.