Friday, January 31, 2020

sweet nothings said softly

                                                                                                  Author:Alan Levine
Image: Calm waters unnerving  (here)

Whispers of sweet nothings softly
Knocked a little a time expecting
How awkward it was to act silly
Pushed in as much of the same trying

Love knew no bounds but still insisting
Mindful of being snubbed as before
Trudged on tired nerves but reckoning
Persisting and pulsating even more

A sly smile was all that he perceived
But just as well there was a response
Open your heart and not to deceive
Desires in calm waters faced resistance

Bjorn's at d'Verse's MTB
music of alliteration assonance and consonance


  1. like the rhythm each line of your poem creates and the pauses in between gives it a lovely tempo

  2. Nice line: "Open your heart and not to deceive"

  3. It is hard to open your heart when you've been "snubbed before". We grow "cautious in love". You express it well.

  4. For each time a man is snubbed, the harder it becomes to see sweetness in a smile

  5. Sweet nothings can be so deceptive, and turn to nothing, and we are bruised

  6. Inching on in to see what transpires