Wednesday, September 18, 2019

a wanderer sanguinely sieving in emptiness

                                                                                      Author:  Kadelburg
Image: The African Scene  (here)

the 12 given words:
wanderer create mercy straw end particle 
follows potter clay  guilty all painter

a wanderer sanguinely sieving in emptiness
hoping to trap some ideas in the netting
to create elements of mercy in drawing out success
from the straw end particles from hazy beginnings

it follows that a potter of clay whirling into shape
finding it a challenge given the time
to release from realms of mystery to relate
to the confusion of hallucinations in the mind

how difficult it is to snap a finger
to get at and to ensnare the energy for a poem
but guilty of impatience and still not able to deliver
in all fairness yet waiting for the brilliance of creation

all in all a painter will certainly find it a lot easier
given the advantage of having colours in support
where an empty canvas splashed without fear
can develop images and shapes in logical thoughts

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig Wordle #232
Sarah's at d'Verse  -  waiting for a poem


  1. I like this description of sieving in emptiness: "hoping to trap some ideas in the netting"

  2. I like the wanderer, the potter and the painter and poet all trying to discover creativity. Each with their own brand of art.

  3. I like these lines
    "how difficult it is to snap a finger
    to get at and to ensnare the energy for a poem"
    as it highlights the ether from which we draw.

  4. A little color whether reachable or not can sure bring about something creative

  5. I like the different modes of creativity here, the contrasts and similarities between them.

  6. I like that you used several forms of creativity in this, Hank.

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