Monday, September 30, 2019

drawing on lost times

                                                                                 Author: Bryan Ledgard
Image: Hugging of old friends (here)

10 of 12 given words/phrase:
fist bump (a gesture of greeting or affirmation in
which two people lightly tap each other's clenched fist)
trash talk staunch murky tough
galvanize to startle into sudden activity to stimulate
outré adj. (exceeding bounds of what is usual or considered proper)
grid (a pattern of lines marking the start of the track in motor racing)
ugly repair 

initially a fist bump of sorts
very friendly and lightly  tapped
drawing on lost times
each showing concern not having met
for a long time

a hug upon meeting excitedly expressed
trash talk and friendly banter commenced
the hallmark of staunch friends involuntarily separated
now meeting again by chance

it was murky and tough on the memory
to galvanize to startle into sudden activity to stimulate
it took myriads of blinking incessantly
both not of outre personalities
still not staying put at the starting grid
but to blabber on the stories of old
reminiscences ugly or otherwise
with no intention to repair or restrain
or to settle scores
but to bear on them
thinking only on the good times together

so, what are friends for
so it is!

MLMM's Wordle #152
Grace at d'Verse OLN #252


  1. Good times for sure! Have a good weekend Hank.

  2. I think good friends are exactly meant to only keep the good things alive.

  3. Yeah, forget the bad and enjoy the good that happened when meeting up again.

  4. There is joy in seeing an old friend! You do so well with these word prompts. Miss seeing you around Hank!

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