Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ready to Pounce..!

                                                                 Attribution: H Pelikka (GFDL & CC-BY-SA)
Image: Kaleidoscope (here)

Moving in the dark groping and searching
All of a sudden the scene brightened up
There were heavy noises in the distance
Sounds of people helter skelter running
It grew louder and louder advancing nearer
It was coming straight and direct to me
I was overwhelmed and was stepped on
I could not feel  it but I tried to flee
Then it was apparent a gorilla like creature
It was chasing them all with a lot of noise
But I could not hear a thing, nothing!

No , not a gorilla it now changed itself
A ghostly creature with red eyes
No, it changed itself again into a big lion
Ready to pounce and it then jumped
Straight to me and straight at me

I tried to move my legs but they were heavy
I closed my eyes and I pushed my legs hard
I floated easily suddenly and away I went
I tried to open my eyes I pushed and struggled
I did it! I opened my eyes suddenly
I was aware now of my surroundings
I was sweating , I had just wokened  
It was a nightmare, a real nightmare

Process note: I used to get such weird dreams when I was in
my pre-teens. It normally would happen following some little
banter or disagreements in the day with playmates or a
telling-off from someone elder to me. I was told later these
were signs of insecurity. It grew itself out by the time
I reached my teens

In my teens however it was the reverse. I was then chasing
and trying very hard to create relationships with lovely maidens
To them I must have looked like the gorilla, the ghost or lion!
I failed miserably every time!

Brian is hosting at d’Verse Meeting the Bar with -  blind poetry
(to use all of our senses except sight)


  1. ha. smiles...thanks for the note...oy we are so clumsy and fumbling in those early days of love and trying to understand it...its funny to watch the kids at school now going through the same....

    i had a few really tough nightmares as a teen as that def i can still remember clear

  2. I used to have nightmares like that when I was young ~ Always someone is chasing me too ~ Now I hardly remember my dreams, smiles ~

  3. Wow, those were quite some frightening nightmares. I had some pretty scary nightmares for a while too, some that repeated. I was so glad when they stopped; and now, like Grace, I don't know that I dream...

  4. Those are the dreams we like waking up from. I love your process note about now waking to the comfort of your wife. Such comfort, there.

  5. It is like the dream master stacks the dream against you; a weapon becomes a silk scarf, running becomes floaty stumbling, clothes disintegrate and we run naked, without egress, without a plan, certain of our own demise, before the awakening, z& before the repeat of the same horror the next night, & the next.

  6. haha fumble about in the waters until we find our way, waking up to your wife sure must leave you with a brighter day

  7. Dreams can lead to many discoveries. Like you don't want to have those type

  8. One thing about vivid dreaming: it really gives you a lot to write about!

  9. I hadn't thought of this in a long time, but your dream reminded me of a long time ago when I played rugby and we had a guy on the team who was a giant, big and hairy - so we nick named him McGilla Gorilla - thanks for making me smile

  10. Dreams are sort of a journey within they usually hold some sort of message
    it's the dreamers job to decide for themselves if the dream hold any significance
    and some dreams are just random thoughts circulating in our heads..nightmares I can do without..smiling..

  11. I started having nightmares again after my children were born. They feel like your poem. I get a sense of suffocating.There's always a sense of frustration as you are about to beat the terror and it changes. Nice. (I also love that your wife is there for you now!)

  12. There's a lot written about them..I see messages in all dreams...thank goodness we don't have as many bad ones as good ones...hopefully, but the younger years our brain is growing by leaps and bounds..a lot of information.

  13. Dreams can be so strange... I had to laugh at your teenage dreams.

  14. Very good rendering of scary nightmares, Hank! I used to have such nightmares as a child. I am glad this is over but can remember them quite vividly as you obviously do too!

  15. So glad it was a nightmare and not real!
    Anna :o]

  16. I liked your "monsters in the dark" poem. I don't have those. I constantly have "I've lost my purse nightmares". I guess we all dream about what we fear or worry about most. This was well done - lots of tension to be released at the end.

  17. A dream can be so vivid.. and still at the end there is that door to sanity... my nightmares are more running around trapped with the feeling I will miss a flight...

  18. I used to remember my dreams. Now, I just chase after them with my net, but they always manage to escape.

    Nicely, Hank! :)

  19. Cool, thanks for sharing, and for the end notes.

  20. Reminds me of nightmares i experienced as a child...also involved gorillas, tigers, and heavy feet...sheeesh!

  21. "Sounds of people helter skelter running
    It grew louder and louder advancing nearer"
    i imagined an earthquake or tsunami
    coming as a ripple of sound

  22. i remember two repeating nightmares i had as a kid and they frightened the bones out of me... what a relief to wake...

  23. Since the break up of my family I have had some weird dreams and quite scary ones too. Either that or I find sleep eludes me some nights.
    Good post

  24. The trouble with nightmares is they seem so real — as you have made them seem in this poem.

  25. there is a lot of intensity in this piece. Nightmares have a way of doing that though. lovely write.

  26. My worse dreams were of being "out of control" like flying down a hill in a car with no brakes. Never did look up the meaning to that. Amazing how our minds cope with daily stresses. Interesting and expressive dreams, a place where we have no control over sight and senses. Well done.

  27. I, occasionally, have nightmares during periods of high stress. I've found that if I sleep with my head and shoulders elevated I still dream, but no nightmares. I suspect it has something to do with my breathing, though I don't know for sure. (Hope this helps someone experiencing nightmares. They are no fun!) It is a very interesting field, though, and a good write, Hank.

  28. though it is all senses but even dreams you see! isnt it? but i liked how you close it, trying to open your eyes for a way out!