Sunday, March 9, 2014

'Ones That Got Away'

Image: Hank with a biggie grouper during one
of his fishing trips a long time ago. It was quite
a testing time trying to land the catch. We could
finally do it with the pole with a hook at its end

Sunday Whirl Wordle with words:
bake catch celebrate cotton jelly
leaves miss paradise platter row trip

None to celebrate
A half-baked catch
Nothing to elaborate
Seemed too far fetched

Were ‘slippery like jelly’
Just excuses be wary
‘Ones that got away’
Not to cause dismay

Had used wrong 'tools'
Worms were classic
Leaves or cotton wool
Were lures so meek

It was no paradise
Back from a fishing trip
With nothing to realize
Big catch gave the slip

Just row back to shore
To miss a dinner platter
Otherwise of one's own catch
Would have been the best!

Written for Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl #151
shared with Mary's Poetry Pantry #192 at Poets United


  1. smiles...i have fished a bit and the ones you miss make for great stories...but when you do catch, you forget all about them...smiles....

  2. There's always next time! Love that photo also

  3. You never forget the successful catches---or the unsuccessful ones either!

  4. i'm sorry you didn't get your dinner...happy for the fish though...smiles

  5. Sad on missing that dinner platter ~ Maybe next time ~

  6. I know this fish, not a game fish at all, but ancient old, slow as molasses. You look into his face, and you see history. How could a grouper get away?

  7. That is quite a photo, Hank. Your facial expressions says all. It is always nice to remember the 'big one' when so many get away!


  8. what fish is that?...unforgettable moments... :)

  9. My late husband was really into fishing, this reminded me of memories long ago.
    Thanks Hank.

  10. 'Big catch gave the slip' ~ maybe for the better...~ Cool photo, Hank!

  11. Sometimes you go home with nothing at all, but maybe some let over worms lol and other times the big one does come in

  12. that is one big fish..grouper is rather good..could feed a bunch of look thrilled..enjoyed your story..

  13. Look at that whopper of a fish and your big smile. Reminds me of when my son went on a fishing charter and came home with one as big as that - he felt like a conquering hero! Loved this, Hank.

  14. The ones that got away linger in memory...the ones that don't, just get eaten.


  15. Wow, Hank, what a grouper! No wonder you look so proud. I loved the way you nonchalantly listed the Wordle words and then proceeded to use them after claiming they didn't mean anything for this poem! Ha ha, that was great.

    We all have stories of "the one that got away," but they are usually about dates and old loves... you, on the other hand, are a real fisherman. Would love to kick back someday with some cold beer and sit with fishing poles, not straining for a catch. So relaxing. But if we do catch something, you have to ream out the guts! Yeeach. (wink) Amelita

  16. OH...boys and their fishing tales, always with the accompanying pic and told over and over experience with my not better half who caught a huge tuna many years ago.
    I hope you don't mind me saying this Hank, but you were a bit gorgeous when you were younger (ahem!)

  17. makes me want to try fishing! thanks :)

  18. There is always next time, Hank. Love the poem and the pic.