Thursday, March 20, 2014

Team of Progressive Employees

                                                                                       Attribution: Michael Surran
Image: Young Employees (here)

Newly-recruited management trainees
Of raw-experienced sedentary-existence
Where familiarity of social-media liberal-tendencies
Made them sluggish-driven rabble-rousers given to
Ravenous-notions of raucous-attitudes

Were now put through a pace-setting
Program of group dynamics verdict-directed
Tussle-free of exemplary-administrative ability
With hopes of creating a star-studded team of
Target-setting and stellar performance-potentials

No more shambles-strewn slick-characters
Vertigo-afflicted lacking verdant-viewpoints
Of squint-eyed obnoxious-blended individuals
That required porous micro-managing

Prowess led pivotal in nature a repercussions-free
Team of progressive-employees the ultimate aim

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse with kenning: Metaphor of Skalds


  1. ha. you can hope...i had to sit in quite a few of those team-building exercises when i was in corporate world...and it seemed the more we had them...the more things stayed the same...

  2. a rich blending of corporate-imagining, corporate-speak, EST, & wishful thinking, but hey, a masterful use of kennings; like Brian, I had my fill of motivational speakers & mind-numbing ass-kicking ineffectual trainers; like the things you stirred up though.

  3. Uggg hate the friggin motivational crap and all those team building things blah, never want to see another one again haha

  4. Motivational Nazis Must Die

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  5. Ha, wondering if this would really improve things one bit!!

  6. No more shambles-strewn slick-characters
    Vertigo-afflicted lacking verdant-viewpoints
    Of squint-eyed obnoxious-blended individuals
    That required porous micro-managing... that is stellar; loved your use of kennings.... flowed nicely :)

  7. just another day at the office!

  8. ha - you have quite some off-beat inventive kennings in this... and too much of this team building motivational stuff can have the contrary effect...ha

  9. OMG A GROUP..of human guinea pigs..two feet in front of screen..with eyes fixated on points of 'scream'...

    Been tHere done IT..for oh my GOD..2 many years...

    A fancy connect and communicate with others..and even creativity..2..
    but my love and works for computers..

    ends tHere nOW!..i move..i move..360 degrees around..

    The computer is no longer..
    my master..
    i am free...:)

    But stilled the victims..
    sit by idly waiting..their..
    due..for human nature..only knows..
    nature ..the evolution of man as machine...
    can happen..for those..who do not rebel..
    and simply hunters and gatherers..of our past..

    Hmm..kinda a long comment i know..but 'it' the words..moved me..
    so i move more..behind my computer..than screen and points alone...
    for fullest communications..

    1. Rightly so Kate! One gets through with it in time and grows out of it! Fun when it lasted though! Thanks!


  10. I'd have no desire to undergo such training!

  11. That training is not for me Hank.
    Great write though.

  12. I don't want to be there but sometimes for the young ones, they need a job so they suffer through all that ~

  13. Ha... give them a computer and they are out tweet-booking... but the awakening to jobs can be rough.

  14. Hank, you are a great storyteller and you Kennings flow. To quote you, "Nicely, Hank!"

  15. Yikes...I'll stay away from THAT please! Wow...what a great piece of kenning.

  16. Well-written poem that challenges me to examine the boundaries of my own comfort zone. (I currently repair IT equipment in environments like these, and oh what I wouldn't give to do something else with my professional life.)

    Few want their brains smoothed-out with corporate-jargon, yet many of us find ourselves in rooms like this one, don't we?

  17. of only thoughts could be dictated....though these sessions arent meant to be so but then they do end up that way!