Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shadowing the Sheep

                                                                                               Attribution:  Xlibber
Image: Sheep Shadows (here)

Say, what’s eating  them
An early morning protest
It certainly looks like one
Menacingly they detest

Shadowing their inner feel
The sun also in connivance
Casting long shadows at will
Observing it all in silence

The cat is now out of the bag
And they are just indignant
How they hate it, it’s a drag
They just dislike shearing time

For Gemma's hosting at Shadow Shot Sunday 2 all about -  shadows


  1. ha. how would you like to be forcibly stripped?
    not much fun...but then again its a product of our need
    to take from others...

  2. Take and take some more, the human way

  3. Poor sheep must really try and run on the day they know it's coming.

  4. Well you can hardly blame them, it's a bit like us being skinned alive lol.
    Great verse Hank.

  5. A flock of shadows in tune with the sheep's woes so beautifully.

  6. Great shot! I would think they'd like to get rid of all that hot wool for the summer.