Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Orchid’s Tantalizing Aroma

                                                                             Attribution: Derek Ramsay
Image: Mesmerizing Orchids (here)

Willow leaves that swayed
in tandem with the slight breeze
Soothing to the eye

Wintry nights broken
by sounds of barking dogs too
many to bother

Orchid’s aroma
Subdued enough to welcome
tired visitors

Anger discarded
Tiff forgotten friends made-up
To start a new day

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #424  -  Unpen-ji


  1. Just let the anger go as the dogs bark and the wind will blow

  2. Lovely words and images - beginning with: "Willow tree that swayed
    in tandem with the slight breeze". A really fabulous bit of writing.

  3. Wonderful picture, wonderful poem even to the barking dogs, Most enjoyable to read.

  4. My neighbors (ie apartment under me) got a dog. So annoying ugh. Why couldn't it be a quiet cat.

  5. it is good when a tiff can be laid aside and new life blossom in our relationships...this is a promise of spring as well...