Monday, March 24, 2014

in sorrows of whispers...

                                                                                        Attribution: RayNata
Image: Tears (here)

The 43 words chosen out of 45:
arms failed bones clouds leaping fog teacup
broken history calm devotion drowned air
whispers you stumbles splintered roots
sleep frozen gutters stare rushes  harvest
unusable planet dust wicker swan
Cities petals breaths quiet store time alive
Tunes used bells gentle bosom alone slate

He was up in arms make no bones about it
Up in the clouds and they failed to appease

Groping in the fog leaping up a teacup
Broken history of calm devotion drowned
in sorrows of whispers

Putting on airs was a way out but 'you stumbled
on splintered roots all because of lack of sleep!'

Frozen gutters stared him in the face as blood
rushed to his head harvesting his mind blank
and unusable

Was there any in the planet where dust in quiet
breaths got stored in wicker baskets?

They should  remain gracefully alive gliding like
a swan in motion! Were there any?

Time would tell in the gentle bosom  of petals where
City Lights with ringing bells were used to nostalgic
tunes all alone on a given slate

For Miskey's hosting at We Write Poems Wordle #11 and
Kerry's Open Link Mondays at Real Toads


  1. It was hard, I agree. Well done though with your words.

  2. It's very hauntingly beautiful.

    I'm waving hello from Pat's place. He's spreading good rumors about you and your blog. :)

    1. Thanks Rosie,
      I'll come over and see
      We go hit and run
      Just as fun!


    2. Got it! Thanks again Rosie


  3. Lack of sleep can sure get a stumble, gliding like a swan in motion would be graceful indeed

  4. ha. how fun, some idioms in there...
    hey i like the song of the city...

  5. Well done, Hank!! You used so many of this week's Wordle words. Not easy to do, I assure you. Brilliant job. There's so much to love in this poem but perhaps I'm most fond of "you stumbled on splintered roots"... as if no matter how deep ones goes there are still obstacles to trip you up.

  6. Great use of the word list, Hank. You painted some fascinating scenes with them.

  7. What an amazing direction, as if your words splintered roots throughout a great journey.

  8. You always do amazing things with a word list, Hank. This turned into a colourful abstract piece.

  9. Damn, that is a lot of words. Sometimes I feel that if I use three or more I am forcing it, but this read like butttahhhhh!!!!! Great work!

  10. It is beautiful in a different sort of way, Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  11. A lack of sleep... I know what that is like.

  12. I didn't know you were a poet. Well, except for the rhyming comments at Pat's! haha.
    Had to come see where the king of first comments lives. :)

    1. bowing on my way out...lower...lower... haha...

  13. I like this, especially:
    "where dust in quiet
    breaths got stored in wicker baskets"

    Love the idea of breath as dust, and able to be stored.

  14. Nice job with the words. It's not something I can do well, but this one worked.

    Steve K.

  15. Bells linger in my imagination

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  16. This does read smoothly despite this wordle's difficult word choice. Very nicely penned. I esp love the first two lines - really sets the tone, I think.

  17. Well done. I can relate to lack of sleep too...
    Anna :o]