Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colorfully Garbed in All Gaiety

                                                                                                                                Hank's snapshot
Blue skies above clear and brightly
Fluffs of white clouds moving leisurely

In a taxi we were heading southerly
Dashboard knobs dangling precariously
by its wires red and blue precisely
against the brown panels plain to see
A taxi that had seen better days obviously
Passing through a quiet road slowly

Secondary jungles on both sides gaily
waving with all the greenery so breezy
To  those passing through briefly
With gestures so friendly
With such feelings of serenity
Then in front spied suddenly
A  vehicle moving at a speed so safely
Full of ladies dressed in all gaiety
Very unlike one expected in a lorry

Blue and turquoise on the left fittingly
Orange, loud red on the right splashily
In between mild yellow snug outwardly
Huddled together garbed beautifully

When from the taxi driver upon enquiry
The reason for the dressing so uncanny
Normally of workers at the back of a lorry
Dressed unkempt so unpleasantly

He replied in a manner nonchalantly
In a country of deprivation they happily
Thumbed a lift at the backs of lorries
To partake in celebrations at a wedding party

Note: Hank was in Banda Aceh Indonesia
sometime ago when the above picture was taken

For Abhra's hosting at d"Verse with  -  a Color Festival


  1. Hank, I love the colorful snapshot. It makes me smile. More than the snapshot I enjoyed your poem sharing the memory. What a happy wedding party this must have been.

  2. Oh this is wonderful, Hank! A real festive celebration of life. I love how you pinned one of life's greatest passages - a wedding - to this happy piece. Very cool!

  3. smiles...hey, i would thumb a ride to get there...quite a sight to see
    its fun at times the things we see when we are noticing...and to have an explanation as well...happy tuesday hank

  4. colorful, sounds like a great celebration

  5. what a magical post, Hank!
    enjoyed al the "ly"s too

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  6. Looks very festive indeed for the wedding ~ What an extraordinary sight -

    Thanks for sharing the picture Hank ~

  7. Colorful sight as the celebration took flight and fun with the "lys" too at your zoo

  8. Enjoyed your cool photo and warm poetry...very much :)

  9. A splAsh of colours. In India too weddings and other festivals are graced by colourful attires.

  10. ha - i love this... going on the back of a truck to a wedding party... how cool is that... and i love their colors..smiles

  11. Such a colorful snapshot - and certainly even the back of a lorry can become a party of colors...

  12. They look so pretty! But they aren't wearing their seat belts! haha.

  13. so loved the contrast between the garments and the jungle... makes one wonder about the personalities of the people

  14. A great recall & remembrance poem, Hank, really gives us the sense of place & the moment of the snapshot. Nice use of the Holi color festival prompt too. Thanks.

  15. Such celebratory colours! Wonderful poem, Hank.

  16. A wonderfully magical poem Hank, loved the read.


  17. I too was wondering why they were dressed so colorfully. Great photo, Hank!

  18. Joy and that sense of not playing safe weave through the lines. Well done.

  19. It's nice that weddings are so colorful there. Here traditionally the bride wears white. Seems more fun your way! Lovely memories, Hank :)

  20. Love the atmosphere here focusing on the transportation and priorities of life. Happiness is having the way.

  21. I'm glad they found a ride to the festivities and that you recounted it here for us.