Thursday, March 27, 2014

Creature of the Deep

                                                                                              Hank's Acrylic Painting
Image:  An untitled abstract that Hank's loving
wife Shadah remarked to be like a sea creature

There has been sightings of a sea creature
of substantial size as big as that of a whale
but elongated and supple as a Queen Bee.
It can trace its beginnings apparently
to prehistoric times very much like that
of the platypus that uniquely grace
the landscape Down Under.

Elusive and slippery as an eel
it is not so much being coy to human
presence unlike that of household pets
but rather its habitat is found
further down at the sea-bed.

It has developed a system of survival
that allows it to move as freely as a busy bee
without any danger to itself.
Thanks to a tail-like structure that can twist
and turn like an octopus' tentacle.
This appendage is also multi-functional,
capable of pushing its weight forward
with motions of an oar or wriggles
to act as a rudder of a boat or better yet
to smack at any other smaller creatures
ambitious enough to be too close

Of voracious appetite it is rumored
to require the food equivalent to its weight daily.
For that reason it is a loner hunting alone
so that food resources need not be
shared among many mouths.

Similar to a whale it gives birth to its young.
It has an uncanny biological strategy
to ‘get into heat’ like a love struck canine
the moment it meets one of its kind.
When that happens they conveniently
adjust their sex like some kind of amoeba
so that one will be male and the other a female.
They will not allow a chance meeting
of a same sex pair to pass as they
might not get to meet that often.
To 'bump' into each other
is like winning at a lottery draw.
They are opportunists in that sense
but in a good sense 

One can never imagine that there is a high
level of harmony like young lovers together.
Life goes on  in the deep down
below very peacefully.
It is a stark difference from conflicts
and killings, cheats and connivance
up on land at the surface of the oceans.

Note: This is Hank's 3rd effort (3rd Friday) to PPF
which calls for weekly submission of one's own painting.
Good strategy for there is a chance to at least ensure
52 paintings to be done in a year

Tony at d'Verse hosting at Meeting the Bar : Rhythm and Blank Verse,
and shared with PPF hosted by Kristin and EVA


  1. Time to go diving.

  2. An amazing write, Hank. You have really described it well!!

  3. its pretty fascinating what wonders the ocean holds...that we never get to see...and occasionally one will wash up and astound us...its amazing how much of our world we dont know because we dont have access to it...

  4. You have a vivid imagination Hank ~ I like the peaceful life under waters ~

  5. I love this Hank! Your painting so vibrant and mystical-as is the sea. There is so much magic lurking-one never knows~

  6. You are fathoms deep, Hank

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  7. Just never know what could be down below, hiding away and making loving noise on any given day

  8. I like the painting, and how the story complements it.

  9. Apart from a poet, you are a wonderful painter too, lovely!!

  10. fascinating... and i guess there are still some more creatures in the very depths of the sea we haven't yet heard of or know not much about..

  11. Down under, down below.. A creature of such magnitude
    - very inspiring piece.. And the combo with your painting works great.

  12. I love your painting Hank...I hope you are covering your walls with these marvellous pieces...Looking forward to more !

  13. You have a wild imagination, Hank ... but who knows what there is that we have yet to discover at the bottom of the ocean?

  14. What a wonderful creature - must see if I can spot one here in the Rhine! Valerie

  15. I like the color of your painting, Hank, and enjoyed reading about this creature if the deep.

  16. Great colourings and a unique work of art. Happy PPF, Annette x

  17. Artist, poet, & let's add imaginative ichthyologist to the list; a fine piece of prose, blank verse, Hank. You are venturing into bright lights & deep currents with the one painting a week project; good luck with that.

  18. Felt like Swinburne with those long lines, but I think I heard your voice distinctly telling me the tale of a species which miraculously survives by defying the nature of larger creatures - keeping traits on low level invertebrates but developed to the weight, curiosity, and brain span of dolphins and whales. Beautiful story and beautifully told.

  19. An interesting story and now I see the elusive creature appear from the purple red depths of the sea. Lovely art Hank, enjoyed the story very much.

    Annabelle : )

  20. Beautiful abstract work of art. And the description of the creature, it's so vividly pictured. I could imagine how it lives deep down in the sea. Excellent work, Hank. :)

  21. i loved the bright colours and you paint the words well for that. so much to learn from life in other quarters. loved the way you broke the waves in the end.