Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shadows in the Hot Sun

                                                                             Attribution: Florida Memory
 Image: Some Shadows in the Sun - Gladiolus in Her Arms  (here)

Spring’s here unencumbered freely
As a consequence of all the greenery
Swathes of colors of known variety
Scented and fragile in all its beauty
Of flowers crying bidding for sanity

Remember flower children of the 60s’
Being nature’s innocence of purity
Free love music festivals of duplicity
Appearance of Tim Leary and LSD
The drug scene then still in its infancy

Flowers that sustain great creations
Many festive occasions as a tradition
At the lapels a rose or a carnation
And corsage at the wrist at the Proms
Flower behind the right ear beckons
Ideally a right suitor for the maiden

Flowers are not therefore the domain
Of the busy honey bee bathed in pollen
But universally in breathtaking creations
Accentuating hair style’s sophistications
Never a dull moment in their presence
With Ladies of leisure basking in opulence

For Chubskulit Rose's hosting at Shadow Shot Sunday 2
with - Children and Flowers


  1. when we went to new york a few years ago it was the day of macy's spring flower was many variety of colorful...what a celebration...def a symbol that spring is here and new life...

  2. There is an olde worlde ambience in this photo. Maybe it's the dress style or maybe it's the girl's hair. Your poem is a beautiful complement to it.

  3. Drug scene ramped up a ton since then. Flowers are sure a way to brighten many a day

  4. Flowers rule! Nice Hank, this seems hard to write, you did well.

  5. i love grandma use to grow such beautiful ones of all colors. lovely shot!

  6. beautiful photo; your poem is enchanting; have a nice Sunday

    much love...