Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Last Remaining Days

                                                              Attribution: Australian Melodrama
Image: Message Loud and Clear (here)

Written for the following with prompts:
3WW : Credible. Decrepit, Pensive
Poetry Jam : Bottled
Theme Thursday: Power

Decrepit not quite himself
A weak derelict
of one once so powerful
that others trembled on
hearing his name

Head of a fighting machine
Credible in his dealings
Only to benefit his own window
On occasions pensive
in nature but held in awe

Where is that fighter
The one held sway
over other lesser beings
Commanding respect
Only by the prowess
of his sword

No more himself
Struggling even to keep upright
Bottled up emotions
Eroding his once alert mind
But now spoon fed
For his daily meals
Pampered with pampers
To thwart his daily needs
Such a pain to the eyes
Bedridden for some years
Existing only in name
In a coma
To account for his misdeeds
Against the innocents

Will those with power
To press the button
of conflicts and conflagration
suffer the same fate?

Written for Thomg's hosting at 3WW and Peggy's at Poetry Jam and
Mrsupole's Theme Thursday


  1. it would be nice if they did...we should suffer for our decisions...perhaps then we would consider them a bit more in the making of think?

    1. Yes, affording them a little sympathy they don't rightly deserve!


  2. Good question, Hank! We can only hope.

  3. Maybe the irony is just that..with power comes the ability to destroy ourselves I guess..thanks as ever for making me think!

  4. We do all long for poetic justice, don't we? Sadly it seems things do not always work that way!

  5. Be nice if they suffered it indeed, instead of sitting upon high. Then they wouldn't do things so willy nilly, maybe

  6. Even the mightiest weaken at last, don't they? That line "Pampered with pampers" says it all!

  7. wouldn't that be great karma for them.

  8. "Pampered with pampers" I like that line
    Even the strong may go that way some day!

  9. This is powerful and packs a punch

  10. The elderly have so many stories, so many histories. Perhaps there is some justice in the case you describe. This made me think. Thanks for that Hank.

  11. It's good to have hope Hank. Good write.

  12. This is very powerful and thought provoking - and very, very sad. War is hell.

  13. We can only hope, but sadly life is not fair, so we may have a long wait.

  14. I'm mean enough to say they should.

  15. Strangely enough they draw our sympathy ... sad.... thought provoking and very powerful lines Hank...

  16. Sometimes we see the comeuppance and sometimes we won't. It doesn't mean there isn't any. Thought provoking.

  17. The mighty will fall. They always do eventually.

  18. Hank, a powerful write! Had to laugh a little at the pampered with pampers, great line. We are all human and subject to the same frailties, eventually.

  19. Hi Hank have you been recieving my comments as I've missed your visits and wondered if it was either me or my pc the reason.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. In answer to your last question: I think so. I love this masterfully crafted piece!

  21. The idea of 'those in power' able to 'push the button' terrifies me. Nice poetry, Hank.

  22. The Powers That Be often forget just how much they wield and how it affects others. Yes, a an equal taste of the suffering they impart because of it would certainly give them pause before they push. Excellent write.

  23. Powerful and emotional. Thanks for sharing.