Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Patterns of Good Living!

                                                                                             Attribution: Alex Proimos
Image: A Crowd at Leisure (here)

3WW with words:
devout indulgent smug.

Mankind in all of their dealings
Relate to a myriad of ways
Goodness the way for most beings
But some unscrupulous ones hold sway

Those virtuous hold their heads high
Honesty supreme devout in resolve
Sincerity in high esteem and well nigh
Oiling well the wheels of progress

But indulgent in all abundance
On the contrary are those wayward
Smug in conceit, greed and connivance
Barriers to good living untoward

Balance of the reverent and insincere
Playground of both angels and devils
The way of the karma, yin and yang
Choice open to both good and evil

For Thomg's 3WW 


  1. Choice we all have indeed, either one could easily take seed

  2. Sadly there will always be those that have values in their lives and others who have different values.

  3. Love the picture first of all! Different people - different values. ..under the sun, but in the shadow-...who knows...

  4. This is a lovely take on the prompt and has been weaved with so many lessons.. I am happy to be here..


  5. From one extreme to the other. Well done!

  6. black and white, angels and devils, good and evil, virtues and vices stand and beckon...the choice is ours...a well written verse..

  7. If you can hold your head high then you can face the world.
    Well written Hank.

  8. Yes.. I suppose we can choose either good or bad..I wonder if it's easy to change direction once you set off down one path..thoughtful writing as ever

  9. Interesting poem. We are all stained with the mark of Cain. Then it is free will. Choices.