Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Big Apple

                                                                                        Attribution: Meutia Chaerani
Image: Liberty during Sunset with
Manhattan in the background  (here)

The Sunday Whirl Wordle words:
apple bottle city dust fuss green plop slack
small strips squeeze  tower wicker

The Big Apple, New York City
One feels bottled up if one chooses
But if one kicks up the dust
and makes a fuss
There are lots to see

Take the Subway to the Grand Central
From there branch off at leisure
The green of Central Park
Plop right in the center
Or go to Times Square, 42nd St
Where all the action is
There’s Broadway, for the polished
Or squeeze into some small strips joints
for those inclined to base tendencies
While around  are skyscrapers that tower above

In the distance the Brooklyn Bridge
Take the Staten Island Ferry which is free
And get a closer look at Liberty
A bus city tour covers Harlem, Empire State
the Museums, Chinatown and Little Italy
Or in the evenings dinner at chic eateries
and sporting activities
at Madison Square Gardens
and Yankee Stadium
And these are just Manhattan

Do not slack go out of the wicker trap
There are still the other 4 Boroughs
For which Hank did not get to see fully
Except for Rockaway Beach at Queens

Peering only from a distance are the rest of
Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx
and Staten Island
Yes, certainly lots more to see!

Note: Hank was in New York for some while 
but could only cover some parts of Manhattan

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #152 and
shared with Kerry's Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. Great write about the Big Apple! Loved the tour!

  2. Have never been and now want to go, more than ever.

  3. love NYC....too bad i did not get to drive up...would have been cool to hang out....the High Line is a cool place next time you are in town...

  4. Hi Hank, I'm afraid I posted OLM a little early and rescheduled it for tomorrow, so please feel free to come back and relink. Sorry about the confusion.

  5. You capture the scale and excitement perfectly..crunch!

  6. Been there once, tons to see indeed. Can get overwhelming with everything so friggin big

  7. I have been there myself an it does get overwhelming ~ Anyway, thanks for the virtual tour ~

  8. I have the feeling that there New York I knew and the New York today, are two totally different worlds.

  9. Well now I am homesick, Hank. You describe the city perfectly.


  10. Hank, it's wonderful! Part two after Paris, even more interesting. Nice work with words! xx

  11. I can see you are hankering to get back. (Sorry about the pun!)

  12. You partied with the icons, Hank!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  13. Thank you for sharing the Big Apple. Your images of the city resonate.

  14. Times Square is not my favorite place...I like the quieter parts of Manhattan. I like your poem very much though.

  15. Loved the tour of the Big Apple!

  16. Great tour... I have not been in NY in more than 20 years...hmm time for a trip..

  17. NYC full of wonders..take the subway to Chinatown eat in Little Italy..oh so many things one can do..visit the little zoo in Central Park or just sit and enjoy the view..

  18. As the hackneyed old phrase goes, it sure is a great place to visit. You give us a flavor of much of than, Hank.

  19. Hank, you know I lived there for years! Went back two years ago and what a change. Too bad you didn't get to Grey's Papaya, a landmark little joint at 72nd and Broadway. Best hotdogs (kosher) and fresh OJ.

    I agree, one must be ready to go off the beaten track. And verrrrry nice use of the Wordle, sir! Love, Amelita

  20. Hank, extremely good! Never been to the US but this took me for a nice little tour. Thank you.

  21. Ha! My head is spinning - It is a city that requires many days to see.

  22. It is a beautiful, but overwhelming place.

  23. Luv your take on the prompt; and what a grand tour

    much love...