Friday, March 28, 2014

The Language of Tulips

                                                                              Attribution: John O'Neill
Image: Red signifies True Love and Fame  (here)

Tulips have a strange fascination
Stands straight sturdy of softness
Yet delicate of beautiful colors abound
Happily in rows of likely oneness

Growth stemmed of early preparedness
Planting to start in the cold as year ends
To break ground in Spring’s freshness
Ready for market in much of later months

Belie but much of general acceptance
Variety of colors speak of stated norms
Of color Red signifies true love and fame
Orange of fascination happiness and warmth

Pink a color of confidence and caring
White of worthiness and forgiveness combined
While purple of royalty and regal bearing
Yellow of cheerful thoughts and sunshine

Meant to represent wedding’s 11th anniversary
A tulip is the emblem of the Netherlands
So also the national flower of Iran and Turkey
But representing beautiful eyes are those striped ones

Remember one time it was on everyone’s lips
The search for the ultimate choice of all people
A lot went into getting one of a Black tulip
But it failed and the nearest is one of deep purple

For Marge's hosting at Real Toads with - Artistic
Interpretations of Flowers


  1. Tulips are a springtime delight! I always look forward to seeing them. Thanks for sharing the associated meanings to some of their variations.

  2. The tulip is a most magnificent bloom - so sad they last for such a short time.

  3. What a shame poppy, a gentle and beautiful red flower, honoured to represent 11/11 as Poppy Day, loses some of its glamour because of the misuse of its product. I wonder if this flower will one day own a space in your poetry book side by side with tulip. Well done, Hank

  4. They sure symbolize much indeed and don't need to stick around very long to do so to.

  5. black tulips would be pretty cool...
    interesting the symbols we give our flowers as well...what they represent for us...

  6. When my brother died in Spring 2008, I flew out to Oregon to help retrieve what was left. Tulips were blooming everywhere, almost violent swaths of bold color. The purple one, I suppose, bloomed on ... Thanks --

  7. Flowers.. so delicate but so strong.

  8. You really explored the language and symbolism of tulips, Hank. They were a simple plant once--now they are involved and intricate, but no less(and no more) beautiful. Enjoyed it.

  9. The black tulip....I remember that
    Must have been eaten by some Canadian Cat
    So now it's all purple, no shame
    But we both know who's to blame ;)

  10. Lovely homage to tulips - the ultimate heralder that spring has, at last, sprung!

  11. Standing together...happily in oneness...I love that opening sentiment, Hank...beautiful expressions for the tulips!

  12. I love tulips heralding spring, so much color & delicate charms ~

    Hank, thank you ~

  13. The black tulip failed… fascinating. Tulips are one of my favorite "grand" flowers - I like them far more than the popular rose.