Monday, March 17, 2014

Flora and Fauna of Rainforests

                                                                                              Attribution: Tbachner
Image: An Orang Utan  (here)

Chosen 26 words:
sanctuary, soul, spiral, carapace honeysuckle
rain, year, eggshells, drums, demons chrysalis
wings, witches angels, blue nightmares, truth
 curvature, cocoon, stoic, nurture kimono
geisha, tangles, bloom, stripes

Sanctuary for orang utans lost soul of
Borneo jungles an endangered specie
in spiral throes of extinction

Carapace of turtles and eggshells scattered
around honeysuckle-like scrubs that sees
rain all year round. Nocturnal creatures unseen
but sounding off nightmares of war drums like
demons and witches in curvatures of truth

This is unlike the quiet slumber of some blue
angels of chrysalis in cocoon stoic in anticipation
to later spread beautiful  butterfly wings

Subdued jungle sounds transformed with
daylight, more ordered moving in dainty little
steps just like kimono clad geisha girls nurtured
in tangles of bloom and stripes

For We Write Poems Wordle #10


  1. Like how they sound of a nightmare of war drums, and lmao, he is quite flexible

  2. I love how rich and descriptive this poem is. I find it interesting that you wrote orang utan as two separate words -- which makes sense judging from what I just found when I googled the term. Forest person? Perhaps more lies behind their eyes than what meets our eyes.


    1. I wondered why it was two words but didn't think to google... thanks, that just makes this poem even more rich.

    2. Yes, it is Melayo-Indonesian language meaning exactly that ' a forest person' Obviously it was seen as a humanoid from the forest that it was given that name.


  3. Excellent how you involved the wordsl

  4. the wilds...allowed to be wild and not tempered by us...
    i would love to walk listen to it...
    if i close my eyes i can...

  5. Carapace of turtles and eggshells...yes! Great job with the words. Love the last stanza, too.