Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Then it came suddenly!

                                                                                    Attribution: Ralf Roletschek
Image: A Perspective of a
Science Library is just poetry (here)

Evolution is a slow progression
Resonates with what was experienced
The earlier period of blogging was a breeze
Glided the surface with no freeze
Touched on many instances 
Automatically the inertia enhances

A start was made with a blog created
To write prose on life’s events that transpired
It smoothly rode the storm
Facts and figures made their appearance
Were noted revamped and posted
Most were those emotions related
That touched on laughter and tears
Propped up with photographs
That brought back wonderful memories
of travels events and childhood prowess

Records of sorts for posterity
More than just the annual writing of diaries
But relating with others in blogosphere
A whole new horizon unlike before

Then it came suddenly
Not so much a writer’s block
But the arsenal slowly dried up
Ran smack against the desire to write
Unproductive and stressful
Lingered in the wilderness for months
Nothing written to no end
The blog stopped functioning
Conscience bore the brunt
Of the inaction

Then it came suddenly
An unlikely discovery
Of a love for poetry
A separate poetry blog was created
A blogging urge satiated
A friendly community provided the incentive
Hooray! back in business and relatively active

Prompts galore provided unselfishly
By those schooled in rudiments of creativity
Case in point are new forms presented
Haiku in particular so also Free Verse
devoid of rhyming constraints so obvious
not to be outdone micro fiction and limericks
To conveniently help hone the tricks
One can easily write a poem daily
Can unwittingly chalk up a respectable number
To be compiled into a book at the end of the year

Written for Anthony Desmond's hosting at d'Verse to recount
one's evolution in poetry


  1. and hey you did that book thing right? smiles.
    we are not that much different...i started with prose and evolved into poetry
    still not much of a haiku writer myself...

    1. Yes Brian, But it was all the 5 year's work. Did not write that much in the beginning to have enough to compile. Now I'm quite consistent. May compile one more before year's end. Thanks!


  2. Keep chalking them up!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  3. Our experience is similar, except that you've become quite a prolific writer. I run dry from one day to the next.

  4. I understand the lull all too well. I've had to come up with tricks on occasion to keep me writing...it didn't always work, but it seems to have always been that way for me. I'm glad you found your way back...it's not always easy, but definitely worth it.

  5. Writing poetry as a journal of thoughts is my way of writing regularly. Glad you discovered poetry Hank.

  6. I can so relate to the lull... have been pushed and prodded away for a while now. Trying to refind the path

  7. I wonder if evolution is really sameness punctuated by wild change.

  8. I've written maybe about 4 haikus in my life... I'm just bad at form... smiles... but a poem a day and compiled in a book? that is cool... I've been writing the same book for 2yrs and 41 poems in... kudos

  9. I enjoyed reading your poetry blogging history, Hank! Glad you discovered this love.... You definitely have found your niche.

  10. From very few to many at your sea, sure keep much going indeed now. nice trip from then to now

  11. Hank,

    I am ever so grateful you ever came to my blog. Sadly, I fail tofolow your footsteps although I know how to give you a little push and I am pleased to have played my small part.

    1. Pakcik,
      Your resolve to soldier on has been an inspiration hard to emulate. There will be of the many a rare gem that shines for others. Thanks for taking the responsibility of that role!


  12. i liked the intense steps you've taken us through

  13. I hope you compile them year after year! Good to read this!

  14. Ah this resonates strongly with me... yes really the blogging world has made me a poet...

  15. This is great! and encouarging. Blogging has opened my mind and inspired my muse. Thank you for sharing your process and evolution, Oliana

  16. What a long and winding journey! I have to say, prose is still my favorite, but I do have a new love of poetry as well.