Saturday, February 15, 2014

Change of Rules

                                                                                         Attribution: Minette Layne
Image: Courtship the Old-fashion way (here)

The day after a little quieter
Notably a wee bit different
From that of yesteryear
The euphoria was not there
Roses cost more
or was it a different set of rules
in communication
Perhaps it got out of fashion

Florists were there but
Social media provided the vehicle
Virtual bouquets were sent
In all convenience
Complete with pictures and words
Courtship took on a new turn

Holding hands as a first move
was a thing of the past
Hands handy on keyboards
Seemed more sensuous
The reach was wider
and it did last

Kids these days
Happy with iPads
And smart phones
And perhaps even less kissings
They did not know
What they had been missing!

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  1. ha. they are missing much when the only contact they have is through the the virtual many ways it has connected us on new levels with more and more people...but it should never replace the flesh and blood....

  2. Oh they don't know what they are missing, :-) Thanks for joining in this rocks!

  3. Truly they don't know what they are missing! Well said!

  4. I do think that people with iphones and iPads don't have a clue. They think they do, but......they don't.

  5. One does not need to be a senior to understand the dangers of relying on virtual reality (immediately go see the film HER for further proof) yet the human need to humanize animals & machines & equipment & the weather, once thought cute, romantic, sentimental, has now helped to create a generation of youth who are totally plugged, but tuned out to the flood waters already up to their waists; and with every decade, my nearly-luddite status widens the gap between me & those I helped to create; not your father's Chevrolet for sure!

  6. Yeah much is sure missed when all they do is scroll down their contact list

  7. I agree with all above. I miss the good ole days when your heart raced in excitement talking to someone you had a crush on-not texting them back and forth. I think there are good and bad things about technology but the whole dating thing is so different now.

  8. ha..ha... they certainly don't know what they are missing ~ See when you don't have these gadgets, your full attention with the other ~ I like old fashioned dating with a mix of technology, smiles ~

  9. Dating sites, virtual relationships, cyber-passion, the drama of breaking up before 600 of your "closest" friends. Indeed, nothing replaces looking into the depth of someone's eyes, the warmth of touch--not even "Skype!"

  10. I do think things must be different than we knew in the 'old days,'Hank. I am sure they can't imagine how it was before 'social media.' Ha, it would be a shame not to have 'less kissings,' wouldn't it?

  11. Wonderful lead in and follow through. I love your understatements--Roses cost more, hands on keyboards seem more sensuous, less kissing.

  12. There is something alien about the virtual world....exposure to more people....less quality encounters.....Good poem Hank....

  13. smiles yes.. no virtual world can replace a real kiss and no ecard a bunch of roses... we have to be careful to balance those two worlds in a good way

  14. You make me smile, Hank. What it used to be once are no longer in practice. In the age of technology, now most things are done virtually. Nice poem. :)

  15. I do hope these kids do not kiss less, that the social media is only a means, not the end.

  16. Oh great fun this one! :)

  17. Good verse Hank, message coming across loud and clear.

  18. So true, Hank! So many, especially youth, rely too much on social media and miss out on the real world. Well said!

  19. That which smells, tastes and can be felt with the fingers is like a handwritten love letter. Our fast moving world loses the fineness of these things. Well penned:)

  20. I read this quote (I forgot who said it) but it goes along the lines of "when there's increase in technological communication, there's an increased need for touch communication." Your poem, especially the last part, reminds me of this. Good points! smiles..