Sunday, February 2, 2014

Would it be possible!

                                                                                                      Author : anon
Image: Factory Workers circa 1921 - 24

Brenda’s Sunday Whirl Wordle #146
alternate balance bucolic edge former miss
open others potential sense synergy tiptoed

On the edge of the meadow
Within bucolic surroundings
Of the pastures
A man stood in awe staring
Into the open sky with intense will
But with no sense of purpose
He missed nothing
For the moment
But he needed a job!

He tiptoed slowly a few steps
Then broke into a quicker pace
He sought the synergy of feelings
He had for others
His former co-workers
He slowed down again thinking

Would it be possible
To hold on to two jobs
For safe reasons
To alternate weekly?
He had the potential
And he needed the money

But how was he
To balance his time
To his stress level
He kept wondering
Would the employers care?

Sunday's Whirl Wordle #146 and
Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #187


  1. You really took us through this man's thoughts and first he seems content and part of something..but that worry at the end almost leaves you feeling he is invisible (to some at least)..

  2. You took me from a feeling of peaceful, meadow wanderings to my heart racing at the quicker pace! Unfortunately, I think the answer will be yes, the employers will care and not be too happy with only an every other week worker!

  3. Like how the pace quickens as the tension rises within your character. And the question, at the end, leaves your reader with more to consider,


  4. I just posted and see we opened our poems similarly!! I like your poem for it's hard for me to imagine having two jobs, but so many do.

  5. would the employers care...well that could be a while conversation...ha...some do...
    when you have a team that works well people want to be a part of it...that is for sure.....

  6. I guess it depends on the job, huh?

  7. Holding two jobs would be difficult, I think.....except if they were two part-time jobs that added up to one full-time job. But it still would be a balancing act ideed.

  8. I am glad I am not in a position where I need to handle two jobs! But I know many people are not so lucky.

  9. I think this describe well the balance between money and the rest of the life... I guess it had to what those jobs were if one could handle it...

  10. Oh, a poem that leaves me with unanswered questions! My imagination can now go in all sorts of directions! Thanks, Hank!

    Bright Edge of Morning

  11. The employers most probably wouldn't care. In the business world, what the employers could benefit from their employees is what they only care about. As long as you performed well, regardless of how many commitments you have or may choose to go through in or outside the company, all will play well between you & your employer, IMHO. smiles.

  12. Oh, the employer would give two hoots! There are a range of emotions play between the employer and employee!

  13. Yeah they'd probably get their arse up over it, plus it would be huge stress indeed

  14. Nice one. But not necessarily those employers.

  15. Good questions! I hope he finds time to breathe.

  16. One feels the tension in this. I had years of working two or three jobs at a time and it was freaking exhausting. Sometimes it is needed. In the 1920's and 30's for certain.

  17. as a retired Library Assistant; the paces of his footsteps sound for me; i empthaise with this active employer; i question with him "Do they really care", both the ones who are served as well as the ones paying the salaries

    Ah but the final verse hold the key that of "balance"

    a thought provoking write; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  18. you touched on something many face... sometimes one walks a fine line to survive...

  19. I also like the way you got the pace to change, Well done Hank on a great verse.


  20. Good story here. I like the last line because the question actually has depth - do employers care about people's struggles or just their schedules and production. I like how you paced this.

  21. I love the internal processing here--great job on this Hank!

  22. Any job is a start, holding two is much more difficult. Usually you work to the bosses conditions not your own. The better option is to squeeze in two jobs in one day, not much time for fun especially as I like my sleep.

  23. We all would love to do only what we love, but fin. situation might demands second job...maybe he will do it temporarily till figure out the one job, where 'he has the feeling for others' ~ this intention might brings more money with time...until then ..well..he need give it a try...~ thoughtful poem

  24. That would be challenging to do Hank ~ Employers would only care for their own interests, sadly ~

  25. I have to agree with some of the others employers only care about their own interests if you can balance two jobs and it doesn't disrupt your performance they will have
    little to say. Interesting thoughts in your poem.

  26. I think that for the most part employers only care for their own interests.

  27. I enjoyed the point of view here. Insightful piece!

  28. what a roller coaster! well done

  29. I liked the character sketch... and his thoughts as he is leaving his job for another one. Well-penned.

  30. This seems to be quite a common occurrence in the USA. Holding on to two jobs to survive. Nice job with the words.


  31. Well-woven wordle whirl words Hank, you had me hanging on every sentence wondering how it work out and now I get to imagine if it does...nicely done.