Sunday, February 16, 2014

Times are Hard...

                                                         Photo: Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Seems strange unlike the previous tenant
It has been a month now coming to two
He came the moment it was vacant
But not this time even enquiries were few

Wonder what can be the reason
Ma has to feed six mouths
Can’t let it be empty for too long
It’ll eat into our loss

Ma is putting it to my shoulders
Never felt so insecure
End of my tether
Unsettling to endure

Pa used to be the one responsible
But Pa had passed on last year
Being the eldest sibling it is impossible
To avoid but one must appear
To  shoulder the burden
This time all but alone

Times are hard
This time around
A so-called landlord
Hard up for a stipend
But life must go on!

Written for Tess' Mag #207


  1. Must be hard to be the eldest after a father passes on to help keep the money coming into the household. Well written Hank.

  2. You put life into what goes on behind those brick walls.

  3. The eldest sure can get a lot of responsibility whether they want it or not

  4. ugh...not an easy life you know...trying to feed a family at whatever age...and times are def tough...and money not easy to come matter what they say

  5. a huge responsibility for such a young person. Well told.

  6. 'Times are hard' ~ very well described, the time, when young must grow up fast.

  7. Rough on a young person to have to stand up

  8. Times can be hard indeed especially when others depend on you..

  9. I agree with Laurie. Too much to carry for a young one who suppose to be enjoying his youth & time. Life can be tough sometimes but it is ne'er unfair. A very touching piece & tale, Hank. Smiles.

  10. Hank, what a great take on the prompt...from the eyes of the worried (nearly frantic) landlord. I am touched by this.

  11. Yes, life does keep us moving forward. Excellent magpie.

  12. This story is a similar one to my father inlaws. When he was 14 his father was killed in a textile factory boiler accident and my father inlaw had to leave school and take a job in a factory & this is where he learned to be a fitter and turner. I believe it would have been very tough on him, however he never speaks of it!

  13. Being the eldest and bearing the burden is tough, but he'll make it.

  14. Seems like they’ll have to take another cut in the rent to get the tenants in - all those hungry mouths - what a responsibilty. Thought-provoking response.

  15. poetic poem that flows like a river story.... beautiful glad to have read it....

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