Friday, February 14, 2014

The Left Farm

                                                                Kalidescope Creek, by Toril Fisher
Image: One of the Many Paintings to Create
Awareness of Abuse to the Environment (here)

Beehive lids discarded served as canvas
Creation of masterpiece for strategic purpose
Innovative in style paintings of sheer clarity
Propensity to expound with images of beauty

Awareness of abuses to the environment
Brought to the fore with great insistence
Increasing use of chemicals sadly abound
Sad phenomena but not new development
Bee population in rapid decline a casualty
Herbicide a death knell portion taken daily
Capture of the wilds were noble efforts
Saved for posterity dainty forms to exert

Written for Margaret's hosting at Real Toads  -  Second Cloud
on the Left Farm  - Art Project with Toril Fisher


  1. Wonderful words to describe the decline in the beehives......such a shame.

  2. Good title for this thought-provoking piece.

  3. nice touches on the abuse of nature...
    the beauty that disappears in our quest
    to bring peace to our greed.

  4. your words do bring these issues to the foreground! beautiful paintings aren't' they?

  5. Humans just want more and more and more, screwing nature over in the process

  6. I'm so glad you raised this topic, Hank. People need to pay more attention to this.

  7. I see that you receive and pass on the message of this art. Nicely done, Hank. Have a fine weekend.

  8. People need to wake up a little more to the fact

  9. Hank~
    I really like the way your use your poetic skill to convey the message of Toril's mission. Nicely done!

  10. How much Nature can give before we can't turn the hands of time back… that is the overall fear that it is too late…

  11. Sadly the abuse continues on farm & nature ~ I like the message Hank ~