Monday, February 17, 2014

In Thundered Silence

                                                                      Attribution: I Made Yanuarta DPY
Image: Sunset at the Kuta Beach, Bali  (here)

Wordle words chosen: 27 out of 36:

blood, life, soul, instrument, tear, flesh
written, aim, fortune, gift, petition, needs,
 innocence, silence, thundered, subdued
fickle, heart, bone, breath, shiver ,afterlife
 plumes, crystallized. aperture, paradise,

Young blood relentlessly
pursuing in life an instrument
of honor to aim high in
thundered silence

To petition his needs in all
innocence he sought a  gift
a subdued gift an
acknowledgement by
nature of his heart and soul

Fickle as it was to breath easy
it sent a shiver to his bone
Entwined paradise crystallized
in a manner of fortune written
with a tear in the flesh  

A peek through an aperture
to the afterlife he could see
gingerly rising plumes of smoke

He still had the quizzical look
when he left  and asked
himself, 'but why now'?

Written for rsp's hosting We Write Poems with the Wordle #7
words given and Kerry's hosting of Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. Why now? Makes you wonder if you could know the future would you want to?

    1. I would not, even though I question and ask for answers.

  2. interesting... i love that second to last stanza. hmmmm.

  3. This is quite a story ~ Why now indeed??

  4. I don't think I'd want to know the future, have difficulty dealing with the present.

  5. seamless weave of the words, Hank ~

  6. The future holds so much...many things I wouldn't wish to know beforehand...great write

  7. I'd like to know some of the bad things beforehand, then I could avoid them

  8. We should never know the future. Live the day, the moment.

  9. interesting question in the end hank
    to get a peek at the afterlife could be a rather scary thing
    or it could be comforting...all depends on what you see

  10. I have often asked, "why now?" Have always gotten the same answer, "Why not?"


  11. The pursuit of life with a glimpse of the afterlife.
    It was short, I think it always is.
    The older I get the faster time flies. To then.

  12. The fourth stanza is brilliant, the rest is as well, that is a lot of words to jam in there and you did it seamlessly and with great effect. And then the question....loved this.

  13. Why now, indeed? And what is causing those plumes of smoke in the afterlife? I can't help but think of incense, in a celestial temple from the beyond..