Monday, February 24, 2014

Mug-shot Plays Foul!

Image: Courtesy of Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle

The words are:
blown bring course eggs form high
mug peep stick trial trust test

It is blown out of proportions
The idea is to bring it on course
It is not wise in the present form
Eggs in one basket not a recourse

High and mighty in the hierarchy
The mug shot reflects his status
Peep of seemingly notorious infamy
During the trial was overly vicious

Should it stick in the jury’s minds
It is untold disaster about to unfold
His trust in God for the very first time
Is putting to test a reformed soul

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #149 shared with
Kerry's Open Link Mondays at Real Toads


  1. i like the bit of redemption there in the end...maybe there is hope for him, yes?

    happy monday hank

  2. Can't have eggs all in one basket, or may end up screwed

  3. wow, I don't know how you did this… amazing how you brought these scattered words together Hank.

  4. I, too, am happy for the note of reform at the end.

  5. A reformed scoundrel is still a scoundrel though (I could never make sense of those words)

  6. Hope... always! A good use of the list, Hank.

  7. Very cleverly written Hank.


  8. This sounds like a lead story in People Magazine! Unfortunately, too many "celebrities" find themselves in this predicament,

  9. A mug shot can be a lot to live up to..or down to..nicely wordled

  10. I vote for reformed soul! Nice use of words, Hank!

  11. Once again, Hank, you wove those words into a magic poem.
    I liked your ending. It was pretty stick for this person in the beginning.
    Thank you for the nice anniversary salute.