Friday, February 7, 2014

Time on their Hands

                                                                                Attribution: Hillebrand Steve
Image: At the Computer Screen (here)

Spending time with extroverts
Building bridges for strong foundations
Young bright and extremely alert
Grandkids with capacity to learn

Ironically parents may not realize
Too involved with their own diversions
Gramps are led to create and devise
What can hold their undivided attention

Video games keep them occupied
But physical  activities are what they lack

(55 words)

For G-man's Friday Flash 55


  1. Hank
    Fantastic view of todays culture.
    When we were children we didn't have Cable or computers
    We had OUTSIDE!
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Yeah sitting in front of the tv is all kids seem to do now a days

  3. good for gramps in filling that gap you know...
    kids pick up on things and will take after it
    i agree the activity is what they lack...

  4. ah yes... they should go and play outside more... times has changed so much... some things are good, others we have to be careful not to lose balance

  5. Kids to day have it all, TV, PCS, the lot but surely they must be missing out on the real values of life. Plus all these gadgets can't be good for their eye sight.

    Great subject excellently written.

  6. We have been trying to get our kids OUTSIDE - we have planned vacations and weekend get-a-ways that involve being outside. It is also why I have a horse - two of my girls spend a lot of time at the barn. Well penned.

  7. Such an insightful piece, Hank! You are so prolific here at your blog that I was able to enjoy other posts written since this 55 (I am late, as usual....). Some wonderful work here.