Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who to Blame!

                                                                                     Attribution: Peter van der Sluijs
Image: Running Wild Elephant (here)

Accelerate  Passive  Rogue

How it hurts
One need not be a conservationist
To realize issues
That relate to the environment
Can best be seen
On how it had been abused

To accelerate development
Is to take short cuts
Cutting around the corners
Foliage and fauna get impinged upon
Wild beasts uprooted
Their habitat encroached
By man and heavy machinery

Pushed deeper into the jungles
They cower in groups
trying to survive

Or no more passive
They fight back
They plunder and destroy crops
Bull elephants
Are known to lead their herds
To cause havoc on cultivations
And settlements

Quickly blamed for being aggressive
Shot and killed
They are termed as rogue elephants, yes!
But who to blame?

Written for Thomg's hosting at 3WW


  1. A point wonderfully well made. Let the elephants be in peace. They are incredible and beautiful animals.

  2. i find it astounding the denial of what we are doing ot our environment, you know. Far too many animals die off yearly....and our evironment is changing in ways we have never seen....look at the unstable jet stream....

  3. Love elephants...Feel for them, specially now, when they face the extinction...

  4. Humans like to close their eyes and pretend nothing is wrong

  5. Turned away but that which helped create us..can certainly empathise..nicely done

  6. Yeah we just go and do whatever we please and then blame the animals for fighting back, pretty pathetic actually

  7. It is usually a human who is to blame, but they point fingers at animals who can't point back.
    Well said, Hank.

  8. Excellent. Point made.


  9. You've gone and done it. Touched an area in my heart that beats strong and loud at the plight of animals displaced from their environments due to human invasion/greed. This world is becoming very unbalanced with the possible extinction of many animals because of game, greed or manipulating crops. There'll be a price to pay in the end; too bad those responsible lack that foresight. This was nicely done.

  10. Lovely message.. Yes, who is to blame? The victim shall be held responsible and be made to pay the usually happens..


  11. This is well done and your point well made.