Monday, February 3, 2014

Where There's Life...

                                                                     Artist: Fritz von Uhde, circa 1885
Image: In an Orphanage (here)

Just two of them, orphans
They took to each other
Not siblings but the elder
Took it upon herself
To protect the younger

Other inmates took to bullying
She put a stop to it
They had been together ever since

The younger in all innocence
Lived for the day
The elder could only lament

Where was the future
She so yearned for
For both
What happened to 
Parental  love
When they needed them most

The elder was abandoned
A long time ago
The younger had a sickly mother
Who came by before
But had since passed on
She had been gone

They were happy together
For the moment
That was what mattered most
Where there was life there was hope!
Was that too much to ask?

Written for d'Verse:  as possible as if.....


  1. Such a sad and heart touching poetry....reading it over and over again, may god take care of such children

  2. Such sad circumstances brought them together...thus the bonding of love

  3. Sad verse but one with hope, thanks for sharing Hank.

  4. i am glad they were happy for a moment at least you know....its a hard life and one we oft would not choose for ourselves but one we can live through...

  5. At least they had each other and a little hope can go a long way