Thursday, February 20, 2014

They were vulnerable!

                                                                              Attribution: P Henstein
Image: Refugee Camps (here)

Semi-ruined Shared Collection Doubt  Roof  
Different Human  Cardboard Chance
Dismal Crestfallen Fragile Ever-present 
Contained Possibilities Future Stones Hours

A semi-ruined shack he shared with ‘uncle’
Uncle was the old man who ‘rescued’ him
when he arrived.
Having lost his parents to rebel fighters days
earlier he trudged along with the other
refugees and found himself without shelter

The chance of getting a roof over his head
was dismal though there were possibilities
Crestfallen he contained himself.

Uncle who was not given a tent himself
improvised with cardboards at the shack

That was not the problem. What he detested
most was the lawlessness propagated by gangs
of youth.  Acts of rape were common. A human
failing no doubt the situation  was fragile

Ever present were threats of physical violence
 and a future of empty hours. These were the
collection of thoughts weighing heavily like
stones on his shoulders. It was no different
in other tent cities.That was a consolation!

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  1. Good use of the list, Hank. I see we both used cardboard as a building material. Well done.

  2. Excellent use of the word list. you paint a grim picture of the of the consequences of war--all too common in our conflict ridden world.

  3. Wonderful word content, and great to read.


  4. Vulnerable...Dismal times...~ The picture works well for this sad story. ~ Clever use of words.

  5. ugh...what a brutal place...the tent cities rules by street gangs....
    was just watching what is breaking out in the ukraine right now...

  6. would not want to be anywhere near one of those places, has to be super rough

  7. You write with such realism I feel I am there to witness the scenes you describe.

  8. Ugh. Impressive, Hank, in its desolation ~

  9. You've certainly found reality in this list from sci-fi. Very tragic.

  10. Excellent use of the list, what a great poem! Thanks for writing to my prompt, Hank. It's always great to be here.

    Take care and keep smiling.