Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gems at the Tip of the Tongue!

                                                                        Attribution: Harrison Weir
Image: The Sleeping Hare (here)

It is fun and simple
Often relates to some things
familiar and at hand
It’ll catch immediate attention
There is a relief on concluding
each episode often with
poetic justice acclaimed
and with a tinge of education

Who has not heard of the Hare
and the tortoise!

Fables have always been around
to instill awareness and
wonder in young minds

Explained simply yet effectively
Gems to parents wanting to
convey strong messages
immediately upon occurrence

Elements of fairy tales
Yet with credibility
Never trust a flatterer
In the Fox and the Crow
Familiarity breeds contempt
In the Fox and the Lion

Why must it always be
The wily Fox, anyway!

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  1. smiles.
    why is the fox the bad guy?
    i was going to tackle that and mix in the snake
    who's got a bad rap from the garden and many other myths

    as to why fables, we learn through story
    and each has a truth...and mixed in story we learn them

  2. I think this was a great take Hank, the simplicity of a fable often avoid the reality of truth,,,

  3. smiles... fables are an excellent way to convey a message cause it uses images and that makes it so powerful... and yeah...the fox always seems to be the bad guy

  4. Tricky and sly foxes.Alas, I know them well:)

  5. Great write Hank, I guess it's been handed down through the years that the fox is sly, I wonder what will be handed down to future generations of life today.?

  6. Ha...yes indeed why is the fox always the bad guy?

    Fables are great for teaching lessons in a fun way ~

  7. Those poor foxes really carry a heavy load...are they really as wily as we give them credit for being? Enjoyed your write, Hank. I loved fables as a child.

  8. The Fox & the Crow, both more intelligent than their ilk, have been labeled tricksters, as has Coyote; so as with us, the intellectuals are easy targets for derision, and every fable needs a villain to underscore the moral.

  9. haha the fox always seems to get picked on indeed, from crows to hen houses

  10. Fables are stories with messages to help one learn..I wonder why it is always the fox as well???? I think he has a bad rep...smiling..

  11. There are worthy messages in many children's tales, but some are just scary tales!

  12. True - fables have always been around to instill awareness.

  13. Good question-why the fox?But we all love stereotyping others-maybe the sleek look and fast movement of the fox,made him the fall guy? ;-)Loved this take on the prompt-very lucid:-)