Monday, February 3, 2014

Learning the Ropes!

                                                                                          Attribution: Alex Proimos
Image: Teenagers at Play (here)

Written for Irene's hosting at We Write Poems #5

Chosen 22 words out of 33:
slung, heaviness, substance 
elephant, trunk, queer 
fireflies, ribbons, porch 
sliver, full, crescent
cascade, grandmother
 child-like, fool 
green, smell, rope
wild, formidable

In heaviness though a
teenager of substance
He felt let down
Just like an elephant’s trunk
slung across his neck
His stomach felt queer as fireflies float
In ribbons of crescent lights

Child-like seemed like a fool
With smells of hard liquor
He left the party

He cut across the street
To a quaint little house
Settled at the porch
Full of sliver frothing at the mouth
Sweat cascade freely
From his brows

The door opened slowly
A grandmother peeked out
His grandmother

‘He’s still green, he’s just a kid
He’ll go wild in a few years
He's still learning the ropes
He’ll be formidable!’

She knows, seen many
Before him


  1. slowly he will be mature and start handling things

  2. I like the grandmother. Deftly done.

  3. When maturity sets in things will come automatically.
    Enjoyed another good read Hank.


  4. for some it takes a much longer time for them to grow to maturity...
    we can always hope, like that mother...

  5. Yes, often it seems the Grandmothers have seen it all.

  6. Thanks for the memories, what a swift visit to a happy, carefree, warmer world. Your photo by itself says it all too!

  7. Eventually one will come to their senses but have to go wild a bit to see it

  8. Granny always knows best!!

  9. Grandmothers are so good at seeing things in a positive life!

  10. If wisdom came automatically to the young, there would be no need of grandmothers who see what others might miss,


  11. Experience is the best teacher; the grandmother in her wisdom seems to know that. Your words paint a vivid picture of the young man's disappointment, the night scene, and the unseen door opening as she watches him. Nice use of the words.


  12. Good one, Hank. Grandmothers are always more positive than parents.