Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Leaders and Leadership

                                                                            Attribution: Hamed Saber
Image: A Leader is a Lonely Breed (here)

They are seen as larger than life
They make an appearance and stake
their claims. Rising through the ranks
is the usual scheme of things extending
their influence before being elected
to office. Some rare few take shortcuts
staging a coup de’ at forced on the masses

They come and go most on their own accord
But some are goaded out for some reasons
or other. All make an impact while in office

Political leaders play to the gallery to be
seen. A popularity contest determines
positions of strength to sustain their welcome

Corporate leaders impose themselves through
ability and skills. Often they align themselves
to the powers that be to be noticed. They
gain prominence through personal skills
employing subtle strategies often brutal
but surreptitiously done

In all instances of leadership there are
skills and principles involved. The right
implementation of such sophisticated
tools of management will determine success
or failure.

Leadership of a family unit is no exception
It is often more difficult as authority is not
as clear cut nor formalized. Democracy is
maximized these days and youngsters are
naturally rebellious. But love is the saving
grace that keeps the family from falling apart

Written for Poets United  -  Leaders and Leadership


  1. I love the comparison/parallels you make in your poem among political leadership, corporate leadership and family leadership. It seems most democratic at the micro level, but contains a slight element of bewilderment and regret. I who taught in USA urban high schools before testing took over, empathize. But I still prefer democracy.

  2. A family can sure have its ups and downs with so called authority. Then the others are just all greed ridden, ready to stomp over the other to get to the top

  3. This is an interesting and accurate take on leadership, Hank. I especially applaud your wise words in love being a necessary component of leadership in a family. Great write.

  4. Great examples of leadership... all true... but the family is the most important and rewarding.

  5. Loved the comparrisions about leaders. My daughter thinks that she is head of the family, seems everyone has to dance to her tune , one problem there Hank I got two left feet and can;t dance.
    Wonderful write.

  6. leading a family is huge...too many families out there without leaders....or parents too squeemish to lead....politicians...bah....they pander to the money...sadly....

  7. Hank,

    Thank you for this poem which was so informative with the subject of leaders. So many intances, yet family is the one we are probably all closest to. A hard task in life keeping family and children on the right tracks!!!


  8. Many tend to scheme, family is where the true leadership should stay

  9. Lots of truth in your words. Good leadership is so necessary, in politics and in the family unit--it is too bad we don't always get it! And yes, there should be love to keep a family together...

  10. The last verse is my favourite Hank..a little rebellion whilst in a safe place can be good for the spirit!

  11. An honest look at leadership. The leader with love has a better chance for the future